Sony Announces Brand New PSV IP, Escape Plan

PSLS: "Sony has just announced a brand new title coming to the Vita, titled Escape Plan.

The game features a black and white aesthetic with two uniquely styled characters. One is named Laarg, a giant rotund figure, and the other a small skinny character named Lil. As the title implies, the two characters must try to escape by any means necessary. The game features moving platforms, giant hammers and plenty of gruesome ways to die."

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BigWoopMagazine3081d ago

sounds.... interesting. Almost like oddworld interesting?

Sev3081d ago

It's even odder than oddworld.

gaffyh3081d ago

Kinda like Machinarium as well, really liked the trailer for this game. Looks like it will be good.

doctorstrange3081d ago

Kind of reminded me of Portal 2 co-op

Abash3081d ago

It looks great. Definitely getting it

clrlite3081d ago

Thanks, I've been looking for new Vita and PS3 footage today.

Davoh3081d ago

I really liked it from the trailer, I'm definitely getting it when I have a PSVita

3081d ago
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dbjj120883081d ago

the inky characters looked pretty cool, i'll be interested to see how it plays....
could compliment sound shapes nicely

PSVita3081d ago

looks really interesting. the more the etter

doctorstrange3081d ago

Cool concept, could be good

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The story is too old to be commented.