FIFA Coming to PlayStation Vita, Move to FIFA 13

There is plenty of PlayStation Vita news at gamescom this year. There were a few new games announced, such as Escape Plan. Soccer fans got a special treat during the press conference.

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dbjj120883084d ago

Mmmmmm can't wait to play some football on the go.

Dart893084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

It's Futbol not football xDDD.

Edit:@Inferno that's how we refer to it in mexico as Futbol.

Infernostew3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The game we know it to be was mostly created in England so there's no way that it would be called "futbol". It's football or soccer for US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and i think Japan.

edit: Well, mexicans refers to it incorrectly.

shadowwizard3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Not it's not, you're playing it with FEET, not HANDs!

fluffydelusions3084d ago

I'm American but I hate how we call it soccer when the rest of the world calls it football. Same with using imperial system too. US always has be the odd one.

kramun3084d ago

American football is one of the worst named sports in the world.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3084d ago

they need cod @ launch with online support,that will make the psp2 sale alot.

PSVita3084d ago

psv's line is looking really strong can't wait.

PSVita3084d ago

i respect your opinion but i think the majority agrees with me.

sikbeta3084d ago

Want to explain that? ... like if you could :P

BigWoopMagazine3084d ago

sweet, now I won't have to carry a soccer ball around with me... :p

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