FIFA 13 will support PS Move

It's been confirmed at Gamescom that FIFA 13 will support PlayStation Move.

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Supman2838d ago

a soccer game with move?
I wonder how that will work,
it will be interesting to see.

Lionalliance2838d ago

Pro Evolution Soccer already did that with the Wii.

Yi-Long2838d ago

... on the stuff that actually needs fixing in the game, like the replays, the endless menus, the lack of an in-game player-editor, etc etc...

... instead of adding motion-controls.

Sticky__Rice2838d ago

I dont get it? Maybe a foot attachment?

Lionalliance2838d ago

Have ya seen Pro Evolution Soccer on the Wii?

DERKADER2838d ago

Motion control means they just replaced the right analog stick with less precise wrist movement.

kramun2838d ago

You can play football with your hands! Just like Americans do!

KingZFlipper2838d ago

I think it's stupid that american football is actually called football when you use your hands maybe 80% of the time. Just my personal opinion though.

2838d ago
firemassacre2838d ago

move is getting alot of hardcore support i see.