Disaster: Days of Ubisoft's Many Problems II

Mysterious industry "insider" Surfer Girl reveals more "trainwrecks" and/or "nightmares" hidden behind the closed door of Ubisoft:

• How the editorials at Ubisoft have power of life or death over any project in the company.

• How Martin Tremblay, former CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, was "asked to resign" because a certain then senior producer named Yannis Mallat could not stand him. (Mallat has connection to the the Guillemot family that owns Ubisoft; After Tremblay's departure, Mallat was promptly promoted to CEO.)

• How Mallat influenced the editorials to kill an unannounced "AAA" HUDless FPS.

• The early troubled development of Assassin's Creed, and its secret sci-fi twist.

• Tom Clancy's connection (or lack of) to Ubisoft Montreal and Splinter Cell Conviction.


Warning: May contain spoiler of the sci-fi twist in Assassin's Creed.

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Skerj4932d ago

Arrrrrrrgh I knew some of the stuff but not to the extent that was posted in that blog. Ahh well I'm still getting it.

sanderFVCKINcohen4932d ago

This Wendsday you will explore some dude's genetic memory using a machine like you never have before. This dude has a bunch of other ancestors that were assassins, expect to virtually experience them as well in a bunch of sequels trilogy.

THE_JUDGE4931d ago

most important things she said. If you click on the top banner where it says 'Surfergirl reviews Starwars' you get the really goodn stuff. Such as TWISTED METAL being made for the PS3!!!!! Thats crazy and I hope that she's right. Thats such a tease.