East vs West: Sun No Longer Rising

The POW Block says: "Oh Japan, why have you fallen so far? You saved the home video game market after we westerners screwed it up with the Atari. You created the first real console war amongst yourselves between Nintendo and Sega. Westerners didn’t even have a real entry into the console war until the Xbox, so how is it that everyone seems to think you’ve lost your touch by the next generation?"

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crispinantista3929d ago

Japan really has been falling behind. I feel like the El Shaddai reviews are speaking to this as well.

Stealth2k3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

yeah and dragon age 2 killzone 3 were brilliant right?

Come on

these articles are nothing but generalizations

best to ignore

Why o why3929d ago

peaks and troughs

There are still great games coming from asia so im not sure about all this 'no longer rising' or 'fallen off' talk. They were the top. The west had to catch up and have done so in many ways. No need for this tbh, peaks and troughs

fluffydelusions3929d ago

I think part of the problem is that the majority of Japanese game developers are trying to cater more towards westerners and moving away from traditional game play we have to come to know and love from Japanese games from past generations.

Hitster3929d ago

I'm not sure that is right because jrpgs are all the same just with different flavors of suck.

Stealth2k3929d ago

its sad you troll what you dont know...........

you mean like wrpgs are all single player fantasy action rpgs right?

Hitster3929d ago

Yeah like Fallout, Borderlands, and Mass Effect... It's sad you troll what you don't know.... Especially with bad grammar.

Venox20083929d ago

I still prefer japanese games more than west ..sure, there are some exceptions, but not many..

jc485733929d ago

I blame it on the rise of FPS games. They are messing everything up.

caseh3929d ago

Funnily enough I was thinking about Capcom. Thinking back to their earlier games, Capcom came out with so many amazing games:

Final Fight
Alien Vs. Predator
Ghosts 'n' Goblins
UN Squadron
Black Tiger

I could probably list like another 50 I grew up loving. Shame considering the rep they used to have and the rep they have now due to releasing 'Street Fighter 76 - Hyper Turbo Arcade Ex Plus ++ Revision 2.1.0 Edition' and then a week later releasing DLC for it. :/

CrescentFang3928d ago

Black Tiger! What a game! Sadly I only played it in one of Capcom's arcade collections, I had a great time even if it was hard. The only Capcom game I'm looking forward to is Asura's Wrath, but only because CC2 is developing it.
I can't believe Capcom just ignored one of their oldest IPs, Breath of Fire, which was their main RPG series and just go ahead and make Dragon's Dogma, but I won't judge until I play the game.

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