GamesCom 2011: New DmC Footage Has White Haired Dante Easter Egg

It has now been three years since the last Devil May Cry title, and since that time a great deal has changed for our trench-coated antihero. Though after a notable developer switch and a distinctive, albeit polarizing visual rebirth, Dante is unquestionably back.

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OmegaSlayer2835d ago

The guy that wrote the article is idiot.
If he orgasms with that vid, he can orgasm with Whoopi Goldberg too.
'Nuff said

qwertyz2835d ago

good one about whoopie


ABizzel12835d ago

The gameplay looks further along than what was shown in the E3 demo. It's still a little bit too choppy compared to previous games, but it looks like Capcom is actually lending a hand in the gameplay department.

I have to disagree with the neigh-sayers, and I think this may be one of the best DMC's. Ninja Theory have proven they can tell a compelling story, something serious lacking in the previous versions. Ninja Theory also has voice acting down, (although DMC hasn't had bad voice acting). That combined with Capcom's gameplay should create a great hack and slash.

OmegaSlayer2835d ago

Sorry, if I have to make a choice between story and gameplay, I prefer awesome fun gameplay and a shallow stupid story than shallow repetitive boring clunky gameplay and average story (Enslaved...).
If you still believe that Enslaved has a good story, you should start reading books.

crxss2835d ago

Hm.. I rather have a great story with decent gameplay, e.g. Final Fantasy. Not that FF has bad gameplay but they clearly put more emphasis on the story. Enslaved's gameplay wasn't the greatest but I wasn't really expecting Bayonetta standards with that game. With this game I'm expecting a great story and great gameplay (since it's DMC and capcom's clearly involved, it's not JUST dmc). As long as it plays as good as Dmc3 (best one) did when it came out I'll be happy. I know the story is going to great regardless since it's NT and the way they told the story in the previous dmc's just blew.

crxss2835d ago

Hope the trailer shuts up a few more raging fanboys. People just need to stop whining. NT will definitely improve the series' poor storytelling with a great story AND with the help of Capcom the gameplay will continue to improve. Just 'cause NT hasn't made a game with a heavy combat system so far doesn't mean they're not capable of doing one. It's like dissing NaughtyDog for trying to make a realistic third person shooter after Jak and Daxter which is just dumb. Plus they're allowed to copy dmc's formula. Game's not coming out till 2012, that's plenty of time to improve gameplay. It's not as perfect as DMC3 (best in the series hands down) but it looks like it has the potential to get there.

OmegaSlayer2834d ago

Yeah, Capcom could have asked Infinity Ward to make DmC, they never did an hack&slash but they're awesome with FPS, so why not?
Come on!
It's silly, the close up on finishes during combat are really awful and they will break the game rhythm.
I wonder if the will allow Dante to jump or if it will just be combo related.
Until I don't see Dante doing crazy and FUN stuff this game is a big NO for me.

zerocrossing2834d ago

Can't wait for all the people complaining about the fans whining to see just how bad the game will turn out to be.

The sad thing is with all this publicity for DmC, its bound to get a few gamers that never touched the franchise before interested now, Then we'll get people rave on about how great they think it is purely because the game will be more "accessible" The gameplays dumbed down, The story is turned on its head, Dante isn't even part Human anymore.

Some people will like this game, but it wont the the fans.

bangoskank2834d ago

The game doesn't look all that bad. It's just blasphemous to take such a beloved title and change everything that it's followers love about it. This wouldn't get so much hate if it was a brand new IP that had nothing to do with Devil May Cry or Dante. Then again I can't stand the emo look but that what a majority of kids seem to be liking these days and that's the age group Capcom seems to be catering to. Kids, start listening to better music.