Mass Effect 3 Squad Leader Trailer

In this Mass Effect 3 Combat Reveal Part 1, Commander Shephard leads his squad against a cerebus assault in this new Squad Leader Trailer.

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Ninver3079d ago

Umm...i thought ME was an rpg game?

peowpeow3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I know right?

Also looks clunkier than what I remember from ME1/2. This is killing the hype I had for the game.


Ninver3079d ago

It's practically a third person shooter lol sell outs.

EmperorDalek3079d ago

It's an RPG with shooter combat, it will have weapon mods, better skill trees than ME1 and an inventory system.

Until they bring back the clunky combat system from part 1, ME won't be considered an RPG to the haters.

krazykombatant3079d ago

Better skill trees than Me1??? and when was the inventory system comfirmed?? The skill tree in ME2 was utter shit. I haven't seen that much to say that ME3 will trump ME in anyway possible.

49erguy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The end of Shepard's journey (story), characters, and choices are much more important than some damn skill trees.

I agree with you EmperorDalek. Let them hate, ME3 is gonna be awesome. Some of these people even say that ME2 sucked! Outta their f'kin minds.

EmperorDalek3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

They confirmed that enemies will drop weapons(not all of them) and you need to take the mods to weapon benches, so maybe not an inventory system, but you still carry bunch of pointless weapons and mods.

As for skill trees they said that the powers evolve more times(when you maxed a power in ME2, you could evolve it in 2 different ways), and judging from the the gameplay at E3, they looked better IMO.

If you were expecting more then I think your'e overrating ME1 in terms of RPG elements.

Anyways, My save file corrupted, so I better beat ME1 again and ME2, my top game yet for the fourth time in preperation for ME3 while the haters can try to convince everyone that it isn't an RPG.


I was really hoping they would fix the AI in ME3. In the last 2 games they AI is slow to react and just stay in one place when you move close to it.

When did a haduken on the guy around the corner it just stood in one place.

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newleaf3079d ago

So no shooting allowed in an RPG? Shephard is supposed to talk all nice nice with the Reapers and ask them to please stop attacking Earth? Maybe you prefer him to use a sword and a shield? Yeah that ought to do it, he should bring a knife to a space gun fight so that dirty beaver can feel like this is a proper rpg again

starchild3079d ago

Haha, so true. Mass Effect is an action RPG in a sci-fi setting. It's not a dungeon crawler or a fantasy RPG.

In the end, though, it doesn't really matter what you call it. All I know is that it has been one of the best franchises I've ever played.

Blacktric3079d ago

I'm starting to get sick of replying to these ignorants who don't know crap about what RPG means. The trailer sucks, there is no doubt about it. It's focused on action way too much. But judging from one fucking trailer, you cannot conclude that the game will be Gears Of War in space. The game gives you shit ton of choices that effects not just the outcome of one game but the whole series. What more can one person want from a RPG game? Inventory is back, looting is back, weapon mods are back. The RPG related feature ME 2 had will be back. What more do you want? Isometric camera angels and D20 battle system? Dialog tree instead of dialog wheel?

TheOtherTheoG3079d ago

There is a reason that the trailer has so much combat in it - it's a 'combat reveal' trailer, more specifically one based around using your squad. you wouldn't expect to see someone going through menus and walking around city hubs in a trailer that's meant to show off combat. Shocking isn't it.

Jappy-k73079d ago

yeah you can name and create your own character, you are the leader of your team, you can choose from different classes and you can become good or bad and have lots of choices to decide how the story goes isn't that called A F***ING "ROLE" PLAYING GAME?

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Newtype3079d ago

Ew, looks like they were showing the console version.

49erguy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

"We know we can't give you all-out galactic war by cheaping out on the action. It needs to feel an epic war against insurmountable odds. That's what makes the story even more emotionally engaging."

^^^^^For anyone who wants the gameplay to regress back to ME1

A galactic war sure as hell is not about inventory management.

Blacktric3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

You, EmperorDalek, newleaf, Starchild and SageHonor are the only guys who knows what they're talking about when it comes to Mass Effect. It's nice to know that not all people on N4G are 25-30 year old seniles who're stuck up in 1990's and thinks that inventory system, isometric camera angels and D20 battle system is what makes a RPG good. And to all haters, get on with the times goddamit! Look at action games, look at RTS games. They're all evolving. Let go of this "ME is GeoW in space" crap already.

49erguy3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Appreciate it man. I'm tired of these RPG guys (nothing wrong with RPGs don't get me wrong) saying Mass Effect need to pass their RPG standards test or Bioware has turned on them blah blah blah........well, you know.

miamicanesruleall3079d ago

All you losers commenting negatively about mass effect... why did you pull up the video if you dislike it so much? Strange people. You don't like it don't buy it morons. But millions of people like myself will buy it and love it. Good day douchebags.