PlayStation Plus’ new features make it worth the money

Sarcastic Gamer takes a look at the new Playstation Plus features and why it's now worth the subscription cost

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gw4k2833d ago

If you have only a PS3 I would say go for it. Sign up. If you have a 360 and tight on pennies, I would say go with LIVE and stick with the free PSN. If money means nothing and you have tons of it, sign up for both.

For me, I have both and money isn't an issue but the features of PLUS aren't my cup of tea. Maybe in time this will change.

Joule2833d ago

It was worth the money before these features. Now its just icing on the cake.

darthv722833d ago

No doubt that those who are members are taking advantage of the service. I'm certain Sony has looked to Live as a model of where $$$ can be made and will be adding stuff to more encourage free members to become paid members.

I personally have not tried the service yet i do believe there will be something down the road to spark my curiosity and sign up.

JoGam2833d ago

I am enjoying the benefits of Plus. At first it wasn't for me because I had every game offered but now I am finally taking advantage of ALL the features. I will renew my service soon.

Xof2833d ago

Still doesn't really appeal to me. I like the save transferal thing... but that shouldn't be an issue, and wouldn't be if not for the (asinine) decision some developers make to have saves console-locked.

KingSlayer2833d ago

If you have no problem paying for Live, you should have no problem paying for PS+ if you choose to. At least you can still game with friends without it.

5119ent2833d ago

live is more expensive...

Raichu502833d ago

but plus offers nothing

dgonza402833d ago

lol what does live offer?

PS+ offers free games, themes, avatars, and dlc

Plus discounts on all of the above as well..

with live what do you get?.. x-games chat?

Half-Mafia2833d ago

1 feature is not worth a sign up to any service. PS+ was worth the price day 1, adding features on top of it makes it better and also makes u continue to pay each year. just like all paid services.

MrBeatdown2833d ago

A week or so ago, I turned on the Automatic Update thing for the first time in a year. It's actually pretty convenient.

There's still some issues with it. For example, I think it only uploads data of games you recently play, so you still have to manually upload saves from games you haven't played in a while, but it's still a nice feature to have. It sure beats having to remember to do it yourself.

cruncher_202833d ago

When you install a new game, autouploading save option will pop-up. In case of already installed, you can select the game in the XMB (in game, triangle) and activate the option for uploading automatically saved game.

MrBeatdown2833d ago

Yeah, it works good for games on the hard drive, but the trouble for me is you need to put the disc in for disc-based games. It's not a problem for all the games I play from here on out, but there is no way to get my old saves to upload without doing it manually or putting in the discs again, and I've got way too many games to even think of attempting that option.

Allowen2833d ago

I still could not make this auto save option to work with my FFXIII and other games.
It is signed to upload the SAVE files but it is not doing it when my console automatically checks for updates once a day.
This thing might be bugged or some thing.

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