White-Haired Dante Confirmed by Gamescom 2011 DMC Gameplay

GR: "You'll find the latest DMC: Devil May Cry trailer above, straight out of Germany's Gamescom. Here's a preview, incase you can't be bothered to watch the gameplay for yourself:

slash-slash-slash, shoot-shoot-shoot, lift-slash-lift-slash, shoot-shoot, slash-slash-slash

Seems like Devil May Cry to me! Regardless, fanboys started out DMC's development cycle with a laundry list of complaints, mostly surrounding Dante's new look. While developers Ninja Theory have been pretty up front about the fact that this DMC is a prequel and will tell the story of Dante's... uhh... unique look, we didn't know how that would take place or if white-haired Dante would even show up in game."

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Sev3084d ago

I've also seen the douchey emo Dante as well. Something must happen in the game that changes him into less douchey, white-haired Dante.

rjdofu3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

LOL so now he has white hair, in DT huh? This is just a way NT use to shut the fans up. They're like: "yeah you guys want white hair, here you go, suck it". In the end, we have the lamest DT ever LOL. Seriously, hair color doesn't mean anything. I don't play game just to look at hair, especially for the DMC series. Things that bring the DMC series to success are the fast-pace gameplay and the ATTITUDE of the main character (yes, the attitude, not about the f*cking white hair).

The newest gameplay trailer basically throw the "fast-pace combat" factor right down the toilet. Seriously, a hammer like Rachel from NinjaGaiden, and a scythe? Even his movement with sword was not fast at all. Combos were generic, monster are bland. That, and the 30FPS framerate LOL. What a joke. Basically, for now, gameplay = fail.

rezzah3084d ago

Dont know why your getting disagrees but it is true.

The new Devil Trigger is White hair.

C L O U D3084d ago

In terms of Dragon Ball...Hair colour means alot

jacksheen00003084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Agreed, I m an artist myself and I think Capcom is making the right choice by Giving Dante white hair.Beside, I think The white hair give Dante a sense of Goodness.

insertcoin3084d ago

White hair, black hair - I don't care. The game looks awesome.

Sev3084d ago Show
doctorstrange3084d ago

You'll find that hair is the most important aspect of any game.

BigWoopMagazine3084d ago

Absolutely. Ninja Theory can stop all work now and go gold with it, now that we've got old man white hair.... :)

dbjj120883084d ago

I really hope it returns DMC to the action game throne.

Until Bayonetta 2 comes out.

rjdofu3084d ago

Excuse me? Ninja Theory and action game throne? What?

crematory3084d ago

less enemies with no fight back
slow gameplay
ugly game colors

you call this awesome ?

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Sticky__Rice3084d ago

Doesn't change my opinion that this game will blow.

fluffydelusions3084d ago

The recent gameplay trailer looked fairly good.

Sticky__Rice3084d ago

It's more then just the gameplay fluffy. I'm a fan of the series. It's sad to see Capcom REboot a series that didnt need to be reboot. I'll rent it.. but thats pretty much it.

dbjj120883084d ago Show
cervantes993084d ago

Looks promising, color me interested again :)

AngelicIceDiamond3084d ago

A Re-boot sucks but I have respect for the game so I'm playin it, Re-boots are the cool thing nowdays, whatever I'm just goin with the flow.

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The story is too old to be commented.