Preview: New Devil May Cry Demonically Changes Dante -StickTwiddlers

The stylish action, fluid combat and self-assured protagonist of Devil May Cry has returned with a more brutal and visceral edge in the first gameplay trailer for DmC.

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WhiteLightning3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

People still don't get why people hate the new dmc, it's not just how bad the new Dante looks theres a load of other reasons. Hating a game based on one reason would be silly.

I still think the game looks crap and I hope nobody buys it to teach Capcom a lesson, how can they learn if people keep buying their games to "try" it or "give it a chance".

Fishy Fingers3081d ago

I'm buying 2, one to give it a try, the other, well you've got to give it a chance right.

In all seriousness, I've seen a few minutes of footage, too early in the day to write it off or declare it a purchase yet.

5119ent3081d ago

gamers act like girls....they game will be great..personally after DMC 2 they were kinda sucky

GamersRulz3081d ago

I thought DMC3 was the peak of the series.


Tito083081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

@ GamersRulz Why you saying DMC4 was bad, because it had Nero as main character???? because some people finds DMC4 as a bad game because the focus was more on Nero than Dante, DMC4 wasn't a bad game at all dude!!!! It may not be better than 1 and 3, but it was a hell lot better than 2!!!!

Peaceful_Jelly3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

people are stupid. Guys like @Fishy Fingers say stuff like that because they never were fans of the series so a reboot is nothing to them, is like, "wow a new game let's try it out!" and that was it.

The reason for the reboot is because DMC4 "only" sold 3 millions (it was only the beginning of this gen!) but I bet this reboot is gonna sell even worse even with the bigger install base. But then we had the purists/1337s like @GamersRulz, basically the loud minority that were complaining about the game all the time and saying that it was garbage just because you couldn't play as Dante until the end of the game but now look what happened. Things became even worse thanks to them... The truth is that DMC4 was easily on par with DMC3 but now we have this abomination of a reboot because Capcom was convinced that DMC4 wasn't good enough.

Fishy Fingers3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Actually I've played all the DMC games at launch. But hey, cheers for just jumping to conclusions.

I just dont think I know enough about the game to make judgement yet. It takes more than an emo looking character to put me off, otherwise I wouldnt of played the other 3 ;)

Tito083081d ago

What is really bothering about people, some are saying DMC4 was a bad game when in reality wasn't... And to be honest, I used to like Capcom, but I ain't as blind of a fan as most people are, defending them over Ultimate MVC3 being announced mere months after the original... Capcom has to me the blindest and most stupid fanbase ever, seriously!!!!!

zerocrossing3081d ago

I was beginning to think I'll give the game chance till I heard the plot change... That just pushed it over the edge for me.

Demon/Angel? Get real! This game better be incredible if its got any chance at all to succeed.

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Ares843081d ago

So far it looks terrible. Also too colorful for me. I don't think it needed a reboot, just a better game. That's all.

AngelicIceDiamond3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Again a re-boots sucks, but I see it as just another game in my list I like DMC enough to buy re-boots or whatever. I'm not gonna judge a game that no one has played yet its a wait and see situation.

Now the whole new dante look is what people hate about it and the fact its a totally re-written story. Other than that the gameplay should be solid like past devil May Crys.

Sticky__Rice3081d ago

No thanks, but hey Capcom, how about an HD collection (:

MoDyDo3081d ago

I bet it's gonna sell more than this DmC, I really hope there will be a collection

Omar913081d ago

i was one of the few that never liked dmc. what made me like the series believe it or not was DMC4. everyone hates the game but i personally loved it. After that i played the previous titles and fell in love with the game. Here's hoping this game doesnt blow. which is kind of hard from what its looking like.

Tito083081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

It was a good game, ppl are very ignorant because it featured a main character that was not Dante even if Dante was playable, that was the same thing with Metal gear Solid 2 because people didn't like Raiden for the rest of the game even if Snake was playable at the beginning!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.