Next-Gen Previews: Metal Gear Solid 4, MG Online

SCEA's Peter Dille called it "the mother of all exclusives," but is the recently delayed title shaping up to justify the hype?.

First and foremost Metal Gear Solid 4 is a Metal Gear game, with its roots in that lineage almost overbearing at times. It is exactly like its predecessors in some of the most important and varied respects – often fluid, often fiddly, sometimes astonishingly tense and sometimes tedious.

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predator4964d ago

whats MG Online all about?

Skerj4964d ago

Why is everyone worried about the delay? Seriously, no one remembers the delays when the game is out so long as it isn't Duke Nukem Forever style.We will remember the bugs and lacking gameplay elements the game would have without it.

That said MGS4 is probably my most anticipated game next year and that's saying a lot in the face of Prototype, Brutal Legend, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, and GTA4. I'm just waiting to see how it all goes down, there's a very deep and complex story that's been built over 20 years and we all know the gameplay is going to be solid (no pun intended). MGO is welcome too and I can't wait to see how that pans out in the long run. Like we form our own PMCs and duke it out to control the new Outer Heaven or something.

sonarus4964d ago

most negative metal gear preview i've read so far. however i am still extremely confident and optimistic for the game. As a strong MGS fan since i played it back on ps1 i have to say i am still quite skeptical at the approach mgs4 is taking. With the 3rd person shooting and the new camoflague it makes the game look a little bit too easy. All the things they are adding to attract more gamers am jst not really feeling

mighty_douche4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago ) aint gonna be easy!

OFF TOPIC EDIT: anyone know if the CoD4 server problems have been fixed yet? havent been able to play a single game and it really beginning to get on my tits...

season0074964d ago

but i've been playing it for the whole day, it takes like 5-10mins to get in a room tho

mighty_douche4964d ago (Edited 4964d ago )

cheers mate ill try when i finish work (7hours :/).
i bloody hope its working cos i really wanna play online, thats WHY i bought the damn game.

solidt124964d ago

MGS4 is the Only game I must have in 08.

Coke-a-Cola4964d ago

I suppose He has a reason to be unimpressed since there are so very many
superior titles..............NOT.

Put on extra socks folks ............when this one launches they are going to blow.

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