DmC: Dante is Now the Son of a Demon and Angel

Capcom has shared new story details for the DmC reboot. Any Devil May Cry fan will recall that in the original first 4 games Dante and his twin brother Virgil were sons of a human woman and demonic male, named Sparda. Not so in this reboot.

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BLACKBIBLE2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Damn right! That's garbage! Just called this the "Story of Little Nicky"
Official Title- The Story of Little Nicky: Release the Evil

mac_sparrow2838d ago


rezzah2838d ago

So true this is becoming more of a reboot for Little Nicky.

btw very funny movie.

rjdofu2837d ago

Oh, for F sake. Good job NT for turning a good storyline in to this stupid cliche garbage. Demon & Angel child, the F was that? He sure turns out to be a human-like creature, with symptoms/appearance of a drug addict.

Seriously, the f*cked up gameplay is just not enough, NT now feel the need to f*ck up the story too. Freaking sad.

sasuke992838d ago

so a demon and angel make out and give birth to a hideous looking human with a british flag on his jacket?? A F***ING HUMAN?? HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!!

Solidus187-SCMilk2838d ago

yeah man, havent you ever heard of British Angel Demon babies before.

GrieverSoul2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Oh Capcom...
At least try and make some sense about it! Like, its wasnt an Angel but a Godess who became ashamed of her affair with a Demon and since she couldnt kill her own son, she sent him to live amongst the humans.

Oh wait, greek mythology did that about 3000 years ago!!!

Ultimatekaos2837d ago

Again for all retards. CAPCOM had nothing to with this game other than create the first 4 travesties!

Ultimatekaos2837d ago

This game is getting my D*** WET!!!!!

LilDeja932838d ago

"child of a demon and an angel"


rezzah2838d ago

Not only that but somehow he ended up half human and demon....


What now?

[email protected]2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

It sound like Bayonetta now... good/evil hybrid >.>

Sticky__Rice2838d ago

Son of Sparta. Not an angel. They're screwing with the man.

user8586212838d ago

its a reboot, did you know in a reboot you can alter plots?? crazy huh


Sticky__Rice2838d ago

This isn't a reboot, it's cliche westernization BS. Devil May Cry deserves better then this. How are they gonna do this to a franchise that hasn't been completed yet. Still so much they could've done with the series. Screw this.

VileAndVicious2838d ago

What the hell is the big deal its a reboot?
Reboot means things change the story can be altered.
Besides its not like they ever really talked much about his mother Eva to begin with. All you ever really know about her was her name, she was human, she died and trish looks alot like her. They are just trying to make a coherent story for once.
I SWEAR you guys are starting to sound like a bunch of star wars nerds or something jesus just wait a play the game.

baker_boi2838d ago Show
VileAndVicious2838d ago

Lol well arent you passionate baker boi. And such a large vocabulary :-)

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Darrius Cole2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Why stop there? Why not make him just the son an Angel. Angel named....Frank, yeah, Frank. And turn it into a role playing game with crappy combat. Or better yet no combat.

What's the saying?

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Dance with the girl you brought.

Capcom seems hell-bent on breaking both of them at the same time.

VileAndVicious2838d ago

Dude it WAS kind of broke the story was NOT the strongest element of the past dmc games combat was.

I mean lets be completely Honest for a second there are 4 devil cry games currently 2 of them were not the greatest

Most people dont like dmc 2 and dmc 4 was pretty garbage compared to the third and first... So what is that? 50percent half of the games in this series are truly masterpieces the other two while not necessarily bad were not great by a long shot. But it wasnt broke? The story made perfect sense before?

Remind me again was nero vergil.... Or.. Was he another brother??? Oh thats right it was never explained. Come on man.
I love devil may cry it was the reason i bought a ps2 i own every game in the series... But it was FAR from perfect.

Ultimatekaos2837d ago

Your judging from an unfinished product. Unfinished cars cant start. Would you judge from that? Probably not, shut up and let the game come out. If you dont like it dont buy it. Ninja Theory spent their time and money not yours. Your wasted went to Capcom for part 4 of that garbage game. Yes, 4 was ass and all of you bought. You paid for DMC1 when you bought. Rehashed character and a generic ass story. Oh boy, yet you whine about change. Go play super nintendo!!!! Has a nice day! :)

zerocrossing2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

How is this game still even getting made? The fans don't want it, Capcom aren't going to get many newcomers to the franchise either, The plot's a joke!

This re-boot is likely to kill the franchise... They'd be better off scrapping it and making a proper DMC-5.

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