GameTrailers reviews Resident Evil: UC

Has the newest addition to the Resident Evil zombie-fest bitten off more than it can chew?

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Prismo_Fillusion4927d ago

8.3/10 is the score.

Seems like a good game, but I can't say I'm huge into rail shooters.

barom4927d ago

I'm not into rail shooters usually. But it's been so freakin long since I've tried one I might pick this one up.

KidMakeshift4927d ago

I love them for whatever reason. I'm even getting the overpriced Time Crisis 4 coming out this month. Whatever happened to the arcade port of House of The Dead 4? I hope they port the Silent Hill rail shooter to one of the consoles.

wh0am14927d ago

did Capcom ever say this is exclusive to the Wii?
heck maybe they're already doing the PS3 version with Guncon 3 support
i mean it is Capcom, it'd be crazy if they didn't port their games right?

BrotherNick4927d ago

Maybe, no one really said anything about this game for the other systems though, at least you have resident evil 5 to get in the zombie killing mood.

monkey6024927d ago

If its Resi Evil I'm going to love it no matter what

MSImindlessMSI4927d ago

The wii suxorzz play b3yond foshizzle omg resident evil is dead to me becuzorz its on the wiiz. OMFGZ

lol I just wanted to get that out there before the fanboys do lol