The Most Infleauntial Consoles Of All Time

VelocityGamer writes: So there's been a lot of video game consoles over the last many years. Some of which lived short lives like the Panasonic 3D0 or the Atari Jaguar, but there are many that have lived much healthier life spans. Some of which have had a major influence over the popular appeal of video gaming culture. I selected my top 3 picks of the most influential gaming consoles of all time.

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usualjay3084d ago

It's hard to argue with the choices, but I will anyway. Excluding the 16-Bit generation entirely is an odd choice, I mean, if not for Sega's port of MK, you could argue the gaming industry never would have gotten an independent ratings system. And I'd argue that the PS2 built on and surpassed everything the PSX did in the 90s. It is still the best selling home console of all time, after all.

DarkCharizard_3084d ago

Hard to argue? LOL I actually can't believe they placed PSOne over the NES.

usualjay3084d ago

Hey I didn't say I agreed with the order, just saying that almost 40 years into the industry's existence, it's hard to argue against the 3 choices when they all were influential in their own right.

Peaceful_Jelly3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

An article about the most influential consoles and he didn't even mentions the one that started it all, the Magnavox Odyssey. That was the console that showed that console gaming was a viable market... Thanks to it is that console gaming exist.

usualjay3084d ago

Hear, hear. I'd also add the Atari 2600, since it virtually created the North American console market. And almost brought about its destruction by over saturation, but that's another day out to lunch, as they say.