Sony Introduces 99¢ Movie Rentals to the PlayStation Store

Sony has just announced a 99¢ movie rental program in both the US and Canada to the PlayStation Network, starting today.

PSN users can rent select movies for 99¢ in SD and $1.99 in HD through the video section of the PlayStation Store. Then, every Tuesday, new movies will become discounted while the previous ones will return to their original price.

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Bigpappy2837d ago

That is great. They should have had this a while ago, since they own such a large chunk of the movie and music business.

Godmars2902837d ago

You can go to and watch more interesting movies for free. There's a link on the PS3's homepage.

Soldierone2837d ago

I still don't know how physical movie rentals at Redbox are capable of being 99 cents, meanwhile digital stores have to charge 3 to 6 dollars for a day? Even Blockbuster stores are only 99 cents a day now.

user87377592837d ago

I just hope its current titles and new releases instead of low budget movies that no one has even heard of.

cjflora2837d ago

There's a list in the link of the first week, and movies will rotate in and out per week.

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