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Supman3077d ago

is this all ps3 gameplay?

deadpoole3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Hands Down ... game is gonna be awesome.

This is exactly what I used to do in Spec Ops mode of MW2. So it means that we are gettin Spec Ops mode (whics Co-Op mode) in BF3 ... hmmmmm.

This is gettin better and better ... totally awesome.

BF3 Jets and Multiplayer Trailer is out ...

Check it out ... it got those robotics chain vehicles as well ... truly amazing.

4Sh0w3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

What's so special about this, it looks fine but nothing like "amazing" from this vid, the other trailer on pc with jets looks absolutely stunning, this looks very ordinary by comparison.

limewax3076d ago

at around 5:10 you get a close up of a pretty low rez texture, It is still alpha at the moment but I would hope to see better textures on PS3 by the end product. Having said that this game is using a lot of features that use a large amount of resources, So it is not entirely unexpected to have to make cutbacks in other areas.

thorstein3076d ago

SO... why the hell isn't the co op local?

Jezuz3076d ago

OMG LOW REZ TEXTURES ?! This game sucks, I will not buy it because it has low rez textures.


otherZinc3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

For those of us that have been playing co-op games on the 360 (Rainbow 6:Vegas 2, Ghost Recon:AW2, Halo, Gears) know this is some BS!

This is some linear Terribleness! All of us that know what "Campaign Story Co-op" is, we know for a fact, this is BS!

Sub4Dis3076d ago

OH BOY!!! COMMERCIALS!!! i was hoping i'd get to some some shitty advertisements before watching an ad for a game i might buy.

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ThatHappyGamer3077d ago

Yes it is PS3 gameplay.

You can see the game displaying the PS3 controls for actions every now & then.

Undeadwolfy3076d ago

It looks pretty awesome. I like the camera effects at the beginning.

snipes1013076d ago

So can this be done in split screen? My spidey senses say no but one can hope.

Big_Dom3076d ago


Sorry, but anyone expecting the PS3 to be capable of rendering this engine twice on one screen are in dream land. Even a decent rig PC would struggle.

snipes1013075d ago

see thats what I hate...developers so concerned about making the stupid graphics look so great then we lose things like split screen that used to be in basically every shooter that came out. I hate this generation.

Blaze9293076d ago

dammit i hope this game doesnt do the cropped screen bs. If I want co-op locally i want it taking up the full screen. i hate this so much.


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iamnsuperman3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

It may be just me but there seems to be nothing special about this mode. It is a nice added feature but there is nothing new.

One thing they do need to fix is the voice work. The generic load shouting doesn't really go with the scenario at the beginning.

Ducky3077d ago

Yea, but co-op seems to be an added bonus rather than the meaty part of the game.

The gameplay isn't special (why do we have to shoot the two guys at the same time when you have a shotgun?) but the animation system is quite cool, especially for an FPS.

Heartnet3076d ago

Still if its not done right then why have it in there at all?

grailly3077d ago

yeah it's basically their answer to spec ops mode.

PS: I'm surprised you didn't get flooded with disagrees, because of the "negative" comment on BF3

Motorola3077d ago

BF3 doesn't need co op. It's a welcome feature but MP is where its' at.

The_Claw3077d ago

I'd rather play with my friends in the campaign than these lousy co-op side missions that mean nothing. I dont understand why developers of military games dont include co-op campaigns... baffling

iamnsuperman3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Good idea and you control one fire team and the other controls the other fireteam. Like one is a Section commander and the other is the 2IC. That would be taking a tactical shooter to a whole new level

DanSolo3077d ago

I mentioned yesterday on a different thread that if they are not gonna make anymore Bad Company games that they should bring Bad Company on board BF as a separate co-op campaign.... as most people found the characters amusing so they would be a nice option to be able to play as well as the normal single player and multiplayer!

jetlian3076d ago

doesn't like coop? I know I do! Gears, halo, splinter cell etc all are well received because of coop.

andibandit3076d ago

I wouldnt event have bought Gears and Halo if they didn't have Campaign Coop.

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Sieg3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

DAY doubt....

jdfoster003077d ago

It is ps3 gameplay. It's amazing! It looks incredible on the ps3!

BeastlyRig3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

They said 64 player maps will be playable I hope we get footage!

And If it's ps3 footage then good job dice!

so like they said leading on pc makes them make better multi-plats! Win-Win!

MW3 will be catering to the 360 so it's mehW3

andibandit3076d ago

Have they raised the player cap on console or is it still mid 20'ish?