Karl Magnus: “Battlefield 3 is the best, modern warfare experience game this year.”

GB : EA hypes up Battlefield 3 at GamesCom

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Supman3084d ago

agreed, the ONLY reason mw3 will sell
better than bf3, is because kids 7-13 buy
they think its "cool" like the big kids
or something.

creatchee3084d ago

No. MW3 will outsell BF3 because the franchise a large and diverse install base that has come to know and love the style of play that is featured in COD games.

MysticStrummer3084d ago

By style of play I assume you mean noob/casual friendly, because that's why it sells so well. It's easy to just pick up and play without giving much thought to... well... anything.

creatchee3083d ago

So a game has to be hard to play in order to be good?

DigitalRaptor3083d ago

@ creatchee

Not at all, but COD has become a shallow cesspit of accessibility. And as long as Activision is pulling devs togeher to make games under that umbrella, things will never change.

AngelicIceDiamond3084d ago

I like how he said "MW experience ever:" lol. I sure hope it is though.

Ducky3084d ago

Seeing as how he's behind Battlefield3, I'd say that's a pretty credible source.


user8586213084d ago

And I shall be experiencing it with 63 other people online!!! o_0

topekomsi3084d ago

No he's the 64th player, ma dude.

Relientk773084d ago


He can't count

Oh I love N4G


topekomsi3084d ago

I just hope it looks good on consoles, bfbc2 had screen tearing like a mofo.

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