Eurogamer - Xenoblade Chronicles Review

No Japanese RPG has more successfully married its various components this hardware generation. It's a game that invites us to reassess an entire genre, pointing to a bold future while nodding its respect towards the past. It's a towering triumph.

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guitar_nerd_233079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Just two days to go and the reviews are looking good! I'm so excited- finally some good ol' JRPG goodness to sink my teeth into! :D :D :D

edit: On side note I keep reading in reviews that Xenogears wasn't that special- It's my personal favourite Ps1 Rpg!

3GenGames3078d ago

So did this get confirmed as getting a US release or at least being considered? Pretty stupid not to because of the hype and needs no work at all to make it run on a NTSC system.

Mario4life3078d ago

basicly Nintendo of America is gonna watch the Europe sales and if it looks like there is a market then it will come over to the us

guitar_nerd_233078d ago

It will come man, as you say the work is already done.

Hopefully it will sell plenty and help positively reinforce the dev and the popularity of the genre.

jc485733078d ago

hopefully this increases the chances. You brothers in Europe better make the sales look good.