Need For Speed The Run Real Time Video Will Blow You Away

Check out this new trailer for Need For Speed The Run.

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Godchild10203084d ago

That video was epic. At first I was like yoooo, get in your car, then I was like yoooo you not beating him. Then I seen that boulder fall on the Audi R8 and was like noooo, that beautiful car. The BMW and the orange color they chose is nice as well and this trailer is awesome.

In the end I didn't think he would make it, but then again they always do.

Kran3084d ago

The one upside about EA? They do Limited Editions for, like, everything.

SolidStoner3084d ago

damn.. physics looks like shit..

Objective3084d ago

How could u tell from the video eh?

TheOtherTheoG3083d ago

It's like someone put some Call of Duty in mah Need for Speed! Gawd!

Seriously, it looked exactly the same as all of the other ones. With more completely pointless missile strikes. Meh.

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