Ceramic White Dualshock 3 Hands-on

So, the DUALSHOCK 3 is available for purchase in Japan. Nagoya reader Ritchie sent us loads of pics, writing this:

It certainly feels a lot more heftier than the sixaxis and apart from that and the dual shock 3 text, it's exactly the same.
I have no idea how it handles, since my ps3 is in for repairs but at least the white looks snazzy.

Meanwhile, Kotakuite Bellamy offered up this opinion of the new controller:

I got a friend of mine to dig out his old DS2, and we placed the cable on top of the DS2 and tested the weight - the DS3 is heavier than a DS2+cable. We didn't have a scale, so we don't know the exact weight, but it seems like Sony took the whiners message to heart! "Don't think the Sixaxis weighs enough do you? Take this! We added lead weights for good measure!" Likely, it's just a heavier battery plus a more sensitive rumble system (it feels like it has more levels than the DS2s light or heavy settings) that adds all the weight, but still, it's a massive change over the Sixaxis.

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Gordii4924d ago

I bought the white Dual Shock 3 controller and seeing other people touch it makes me want it more *note its in shipping process* I cannot wait for it to come i am gonna get another one black though. I am also looking for a ps3 case or shell that is white omg that is so hot.

SuperSaiyan44924d ago

Now how about changing those damn awful analogue sticks so they feel more like the 360's and moving the sticks away like the 360's and making the buttons feel more like the 360 and making the triggers feel more like the 360's!


Bring out the boomerang controller.

Prismo_Fillusion4924d ago

I don't own a PS3...

cooliocool24924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

so wa yr basically saying make a ps3 controller into a xbox 360 controller

first that will be called copyright secondly i dnt think other ps3 owners would approve of tht happening espeically me.

finally go play on yr box 630 thin (god it must be bad cuz i dnt kno wa the console is called)