Borderlands 2 Trailer Gets Analyzed!

Hooked Gamers: "We are all excited for Borderlands 2, there is no denying that. Thus we have broken down the teaser trailer released today to reveal some hidden goodness you might not have noticed the first time through."

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palaeomerus3076d ago

Why's this guy so excited about seeing snow? There was snow in the first game around the entrance to the Vault on the Eridian Promontory.

xTHRASHx3076d ago

Its not that there's snow, but what the snow to grass transition could mean.

Chuk53076d ago

Small detail, but did anyone else notice that dead kennedys looking pin he was wearing in the trailer?

strange19863076d ago

This looks sweet, but I don't think there's a whole lot to analyze at this point.