FIFA 12: Demo Date Revealed

"Gamescom is in full effect and Electronic Arts are going big this year. Just revealed, we have the demo date for one of the biggest titles of the year, FIFA 12. That magic date? Sooner than you might think – 13th September!

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jony_dols2839d ago

If you want to get the extended FIFA 12 demo right now, all you have to do is pop FIFA 11 into your console.

Chidori2839d ago

There are significant gameplay changes and new features with each yearly release that make the experience better. Being as ignorant as you are, It's expected you think like this, but if you were to actually be a fan of the series, you would understand why we purchase this game each year with no complaints. I own both Fifa 10 and Fifa 11, and I can tell you that after moving on to Fifa 11, there is just no way I can possibly go back to Fifa 10. Fifa 11 is that much different and improved. It may look the same in terms of the visuals, since EA has probably accomplished as much as they can for this generation of graphics, but in terms of the gameplay and other little changes that are influenced by the real world of football, the yearly releases are totally worth it. Now, if you were less ignorant, you would know this.

krazykombatant2839d ago

Ok fine, I can agree with you to a certain point. But lets face it, in terms of more buck for your money. It's not that big of a difference. Madden is still made by EA but I think they do less shit on it because they can get away with it.

The only fifa I have is 08. Yes i've played fifa11 and its great. So much so that when fifa 12 comes out i'll get it. Only because I'll be getting a better and much improved version. Instead of what you would get from 11 -> 12.

jony_dols2839d ago

So you consider me 'ignorant' because I found FIFA 10, FIFA WC & FIFA 11 to be very similar after I shelled out £50 for them and played the 3 of them extensively. Minor gameplay changes and an updated roster isn't enough to warrant a purchase of the new game day one.

The next FIFA I'll be purchasing is FIFA 13, because hopefully by then EA will have made a significant enough change in the gameplay to actually warrant an upgrade. Maybe if you're less stupid, you'll stop suckling on EA's teat and do the same.

FlashXIII2839d ago

Wow troll more don't get fifa and never will. As Chidori said, after playing fifa 11 I couldn't go back to fifa 10 and after playing fifa 10 I couldn't go back to fifa 09. Move along and go brown-nose Seabass some more.. they could use some loving right now.

Terrylucy2838d ago

FIFA 13, will have move support, if that's enough to sway you! ;)

Flashwave_UK2839d ago

its on fifa 10 aswell....... i just checked.

JebusF2839d ago

A bit harsh, they do genuinely try and iterate on the game each year!

Rampaged Death2839d ago

I'll be on holiday then ... damn it !

Terrylucy2838d ago

FIFA 12 is different to FIFA 11 is many ways. When I played it, it didn't feel like the same game!