Modern Warfare 3 & Battlefield 3 release headed to OnLive

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 could both be heading to OnLive following their launch in the UK, according to statements from OnLive CEO Steve Perlman. Perlman added that they have been working with every major publisher, however the releases could be help up by commerical reasons. OnLive UK release date has been set for September 22nd.

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3GenGames3081d ago

I dunno, I bet there's no money in that OnLive crap, I don't even know anybody with OnLive!

Nobody wants the cloud for any real storage, and especially not for gaming...

Stealth2k3081d ago

there isnt any money in it.

People want things physically

Ducky3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

"Nobody wants the cloud for any real storage"

wait... what?

Cloud Storage is awesome, especially for someone like me that plays games like Civ5 between a desktop and laptop. Being able to access the save files from wherever I want is very convenient.
(Cloud storage for other types of data is also convenient)

OnLive has a decent amount of people playing it. It's too bad that the game's are priced same as retail. (... and their library isn't that large)
... but if there's people that want to play the PC version of BF3 and lack the hardware (and don't mind the small input lag) then onLive isn't a bad option.


Explain the success of digital distribution on PC then. =p

3GenGames3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

When you put all your information, programs, everything on a server, it's theirs. No way in hell would I agree to that with all my programming. Besides, when I write some Windows program I have to run server-side on their computers to test and see if it works because that's how the cloud works, what happens if there's an error and it crashes it and has memory leaks because of something I did wrong? On a windows computer, it'd be a fix and recompile, however in the cloud it'd be a killer, you could take down their whole system.

Not to mention it doesn't even stream HD. Makes no sense to me there.

ETA: FOM, There's lot of others like the speed issues. Browsing the internet on the cloud? Pfft. Plus that's only stuff developers and programmers run into. And that's why there's no way any developer would be on it. They don't even allow developer computer on the internet, you have to have a computer with no development tools, builds, etc. to go on the internet. You think they'll put it on the cloud then? Haha, no.

Ducky3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

^ ... and that is why 'nobody' wants cloud storage?

Cool logic bro.

EDIT: I still fail to see how any of that is relevant to cloud-based gaming or cloud-based storage in gaming. (Then again, I don't program games so I'm ignorant on any hardships a developer faces when a game is released on OnLive)
Clearly developers are on it because onLive's library is getting bigger.
More games are also starting to use steamworks and SteamCloud. (Not to mention the cloud features on PSN+)

gw4k3081d ago

Sounds laggy to me mates. I tried OnLive and there is a hint of lag....Going to be even worse with an online multiplayer title.

TheIneffableBob3081d ago

I attended a presentation from OnLive at my school and they said that, while not doing amazing, OnLive isn't doing bad. There's plenty of people who play at night but not so much during the day

The company is doing very well with the actual technology, though. They use it in other products, license it, and stuff like that.

BeastlyRig3081d ago

You can easily get get into a 32 player match of Homefront on onlive! This is an easy way for those who want the pc version of bf3 but only have a console!

Mario4life3081d ago

id say somebody is buy it and pay for it if there release big games like these on it, beside it for both onlive console and pc, especially usefully since i dont have the most up to date specs

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JBSleek3081d ago


I beg to differ. There is a whole market with people who want to go DD. It's the way of the future. It's just a better business model.

Awesome-Xanto3081d ago

OnLive is streaming not DD... so I fail to see how that matters in this discussion.

sickbird3081d ago

Onlive, can't believe their still making those.

Awesome-Xanto3081d ago

OnLive is stupid, I'll take my physical copy any day of the week. Hell even Steam is a better option, at least it's physically on your hard-drive.

Cloud storage is not that bad, but cloud gaming is a different story...

I'll quit gaming before I switch to that crap!

JBSleek3081d ago

I highly doubt that. I see cloud gaming being the main source of gaming by the end of the decade. People don't have the money to keep upgrading hardware all of the time. OnLive or a service like it will be a better option due to cheap hardware and ability to game anywhere.

In a rapidly changing technology world there is no need for people to keep this trend up with unreliable over priced hardware.

I predict the PS4 or Xbox3 to experiment with this and then cut the middle man out and use either streaming or DD along side physical copies then phase them out in about 2020.

Morpheuzpr3081d ago

not to mention the possibility of standardizing there hardware so devs can focus on it and optimizing the games for a system like this. I think it's a very plausible option.

Awesome-Xanto3081d ago

Doubt it, people of have said that movies and TV would be replaced by Netflix for I don't know how long. Have to even looked at the sale numbers for physical movies? They still bring in more money than Streaming and DD, and in the case of Blu-ray are GROWING in sales.


While DD may be the main thing on PC (which is understandable considering PC gaming almost died), consoles are a completely different story. The majority of consumers are fine with physical media, and the sale numbers support it.

There will always be people who prefer physical media over DD or renting (which is what OnLive is)... this will not change.

If people did a little more investigating when the make claims that have no support, they would clearly see physical media is still a bigger business that DD or streaming.

Not to mention problems that will most likely come about 5 or 10 years from now with DD and streaming... technology expands faster than the internet. This means we will have games and movies reaching way over 50 to 100 GB soon, on an internet infrastructure that can barley handle the amount of bandwidth there is now when media is only 5 - 20 GB in size. It's not like internet providers can just snap there fingers and say you now get 100 Mbps, and a unlimited bandwidth CAP. They have to run brand new lines to everyone they want to have it and build a new infrastructure to handle that data, and this will take more time than the ever evolving physical media.

Blu-ray now, 3D next, who is to say whats after that... DD and streaming will not be able to keep up with it in terms of how fast the internet expands, and it is that reason alone that physical will always play a huge part.

Is it logical to stream a 50 to 100GB (Next Gen) game every time you want to play it on a crappy internet infrastructure compared to just owning a physical disk? NO!

I would rather pay for quality than convenience any day of the week while owning what I purchase, and based on sale figures many other consumers feel the same way... streaming is laggy (in terms of gaming) and looks worse than just using physical media.

Ducky3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )


"technology expands faster than the internet. "

Isn't the internet part of technology? O.o

"Is it logical to stream a 50 to 100GB (Next Gen) game every time you want to play it on a crappy internet infrastructure compared to just owning a physical disk? NO! "

The size of a game has no impact on streaming it. That's actually the beauty of it.
Games can be in the terabytes, and instead of using multiple discs or large installs, you stream it instantly.
So your entire argument about sizes isn't much of an argument.

Also, the links you posted state that digital sales are increasing while physical sales are decreasing. So it seems people are actually going towards digital distribution of media.