Forza 4 is a 'generational leap' ahead of Forza 3 - Turn 10

CVG writes: Turn 10's Brian Eckberg talks graphics, Kinect and more

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Zechs342839d ago

Ha! Turn10 should just quiet down. I love Forza but despise them.

newleaf2838d ago

and now Turn 10 aren't allowed to speak about their own games and compare them?

evilunklebud2838d ago

This will be the racing game to have..... hopefully.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32838d ago

"generational leap"? That's great! I was thinking the same thing about Gears 3 and how it looks like it's on new hardware compared to the previous two games and also making it's competitors look pale in comparison. So Do I think Forza 4 is going to look as good as Turn 10 is claiming? It's most certainly possible...

Zechs342838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

@newleaf Uh I don't like developers who constantly trash talk . Its one thing to hype up a game and another to be idiots about it. Idk about you but im not an idiot. A generational leap this late in a console cycle by a dev who has 1 game franchise under their belt? Please. Like I said. I love Forza. I hate Turn 10. In the real world its possible to love a product but despise who makes it.

_Aarix_2839d ago

Well it IS an impressive game by far. Its amazing what turn 10 is able to do.

Michael-Jackson2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

TurN 10 made fOrza 4 more amazing than 3.

rezzah2839d ago

Photo mode is, racing isn't.

ironwolf2839d ago

You should be watching the Hockenheim video.

Leathersoup2838d ago

I watched the Hockenheim video this morning and once again Turn 10 shows how primitive their mapping techniques are.
Most companies these days are doing laser scans of the track to get the full surface topology of the track whereas Turn 10 has some guy walking around the inside and outside of the track.

candystop2838d ago

You can say what you want about the walker but he lost a good 30 pounds during those hikes. Also wouldn't it be silly to use lasers when every 5 feet something was blocking it's line of sight? Turn 10 wanted to go for real world accuracy and not a bunch of tweaking and miss-alignments.

Leathersoup2838d ago


What I'm talking about is that Turn 10's method of modeling the track consists of straight lines basically rungs between the two paths where the walker was. They do not show any curvature to the road which results in a very flat, unexciting road.

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