Epic Games is focussing now on the PC as their primary development platform

DSOGaming writes: "Epic Games and PC gaming… it’s funny putting these two sentences together. We all know that Epic Games abandoned those that made them what they are today but it seems that something has changed. Yes, do you feel the wind of change? Well if you don’t, let us tell that Epic Games is again focusing on the PC as their primary development platform."

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BeastlyRig2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I don't believe you! FU!!

But that would be nice though! :D

jaosobno2839d ago

Agreed. They are too much in bed with microsoft and 360 for this to be true.

Micro_Sony2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

In an interview with gaming blog Electric Pig, Bleszinski was asked if the Gears franchise would appear on any competitor platforms, e.g. the Playstation 3.

His response was interesting: “I think our current set with Microsoft dictates that for us internally it makes more sense for Gears to remain a 360 franchise for the foreseeable future…plus I don’t like the PlayStation 3 controller."

Cliffy B is a nut but in all honesty I grew up with the PS1,PS2 and PS3 controller but I think it about time Sony redesign the PS3 controller or make a new one. The DS3 will still work on the PS4 so I dont see what harm it can do.

Just dont ever think of revisiting that Boomerang crap that you wanted to give us with the PS3.

TheIneffableBob2839d ago

Windows 8 is coming soon which is supposed to be very entertainment driven.

Games are entertainment. Epic Games makes games. Windows 8 is a PC operating system. PC GAMES?! :O

HammockGames2839d ago

Yeah, I'd like to believe that. Not convinced though.

For this gen at least they've aligned themselves with the 360 as their primary platform. They've made a lot of money doing that, so it's hard to see this changing.

Sidebar: Not sure about this, but did Epic recently hint at another Xbox exclusive?

JsonHenry2839d ago

Probably because the next gen consoles are not set in stone yet. So that only leaves the PC as the known quantity. So of course all their newest games are gonna be PC lead then ported to consoles once they know what they are dealing with.

Johandevries2839d ago

Read well, journalist.

“It’s nice to target the PC as a primary platform again and not just for ports.

This may put it at the same level as the consoles in my view, probably not as THE primary platform.

fluffydelusions2839d ago

Yeah they will use it until next gen kicks off then abandon PC again

Darknite2839d ago

They will Use superior technology on pc to get knowledge to develop games for next gen they now support pc gaming.

Hazmat132839d ago

that would be cool to see what unreal engine can do.
like sayin with uncharted 4 for pc with DX12 that would be insane but i think uncharted looks fine the way it is.

cj1pate1012839d ago

So your fine with half ass tech? I enjoyed uncharted 1 but how can any one with a straight face say that uncharted 2 looks impressive. Nothing is destructible and it looks like every other 3rd person shooter.. I still find it funny how sony begged nvidia for a graphics card, because the cell couldn't do graphics and cpu.

Hazmat132839d ago

not a huge fan of interweb things but. you mad bro? lol chill the fuck out stop pmsing all over the place. i was just sayin.

Dojan1232839d ago

Wonder if frostbite is starting to concern them.

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The story is too old to be commented.