Fruit Ninja Kinect Review (

"The game does go to show how well the Kinect technology can follow your movements and translate them into on-screen attacks, and this kind of performance bodes well for our future Lightsabre aspirations, but perhaps would have been better released as a Kinect Fun Labs add-on, at a lower price point (similar to Kinect Sparkler)"

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oohWii2838d ago

This game is definitely better than a 6.

sinclaircrown2838d ago

Agreed. Its a SUPER CASUAL game I admit. but ma and my roommate have played it every night for about 30mins before sitting down and playing some NBA 2k11, or anything else.

Well worth $10 IMO. $10 is what I pay for two hours entertainment at the movie theatre.

Fun game, just tires you real fast, lol