310° publishes retraction of reported 40% failure rate for 40GB PS3 has published a retraction of its reporting that 40-percent of 40GB PS3 could be defective. Here is a translation of the full retraction:

News: [ Upd. ] Corrective measure 40 GB PS3's

Yesterday we published the news that the Belgian chain game store Mania recovered a large number of defective PS3 40GB from customers. Today we got the report that that information is incorrect.

The figures published on (that 40% of the 40GB consoles could be defective) do not appear be correct. Those figures according to Sony and Mania are totally unrepresentative and circumstantial. Both parties have asked for a retraction of that notice.

Update: Sony has meanwhile sent the following press release.

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ScentlessApprentice74926d ago

Except I'll alter it a little bit; Nice try, D!ck Heads!!

ruibing4926d ago

Despite these reports, mark my words that there will be 360 and anti-Sony fans who will still try to stir things up with FUD by mentioning a 40% failure rate to scare off the ill-informed potential buyers.

I remember reading something on Kotaku earlier this week about the new RRoD on the Falcon 360s, and a 360 fan tried to sidetrack the situation by saying "But even the PS3 has 40% (maybe 90%) failure rate". Every PS3 owner or well informed consumer knows it is complete BS, but this kind of propaganda really riles me up.

guitarfanboy4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

Does that mean a whole bunch of XBOX360 fanboys are going to buy this system? They love systems with high failure rates, right?

Too soon?

I heard it comes with a sold separately HDDVD movie player add on that you can buy separately for $199. The system also does not come with an HDMI output. The new PS3 SKU is exactly what XBOTS want. PS3 FTW!!

felman874926d ago

What are the numbers then?

ruibing4926d ago

Well Foxconn makes these new units I believe, and they have been making the PS2s for Sony for awhile now, so I expect them to have just about as low of a failure rate as the current models. And they have lower power consumption and 65nm Cell (though 90nm RSX), so they should have even less heat dissipation, though it was never even an issue.

macalatus4926d ago

Here are the clues:
1."...reported on a Dutch website"

2. Most obnoxious MS fanboy in this site is Dutch

Hmmmmm........there is possibly quite more to this article that wasn't mentioned.

BlazeXXL4925d ago

im dutch too..

WHY!!!! Please shoot me lol

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The story is too old to be commented.