PlayStation Vita Releasing In February/March In Europe

GB: "A Swedish Sony press release has just confirmed that the PS Vita will be launching in February/March In Europe. Check out the official press release below."

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Karooo2836d ago

Yay, I hope it isn't delayed for Europe.

jony_dols2836d ago

At least we have a confirmed launch window to look forward to.....

I would have bought it on the speculated October 28th release date. But I guess Sony knows best & it will give the Vita's devs time to polish it's launch games.

Misterhbk2836d ago

PS white? these translations are horrible lol

Cloudberry2836d ago

Now let's see what games available for launch...

Both Japan & EU.

ehandlr2836d ago

That's when I expected it to release.

halocursed2836d ago

What's the launch window for Asian markets?

gameseveryday2836d ago

Probably same as UK markets.

CynicalVision2836d ago

I don't think so, I'd be willing to bet that the Japanese launch will be for Christmas.

SandWitch2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

At least in Japan

r212836d ago

yes, i'd like to know too. is the date as same as japans? or we wait like everyone else in the world

Simonkey752836d ago

Still gutted it's not making it here for Xmas - the wife would have had an easy time when it came to buying me a present :)

Understand why launching it worldwide is pretty much impossible after what's gone on, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.