Sony's Gamescom 2011 Line-Up Revealed

Sony has revealed its line-up for the Gamescom 2011: Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, and a lot of more are playable at Sony's booth.

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Istanbull3087d ago

PLEASE JAK&DAXTER HD TRILOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

lelo2play3087d ago

yes... just what we need... more HD versions of games already released, instead of new IP's.

Terarmzar3087d ago

@ Lelo2play

Its almost pointless to release a new exclusive ip this far in the console generation.

jeseth3087d ago

Jak and Daxter would be great!

Price Cut needed too!

Biggest3087d ago

Of course lelo2play would find a way to complain about Sony not having enough games. It's almost as if he had something against Sony.

I would LOVE to see more Jak & Daxter. My son has only been able to experience them on PSP. We both enjoy the games.

zeddy3087d ago

never played jak and daxter, love to see what the fuss is about.

Darrius Cole3087d ago


Why is it pointless to release a new IP the late in the generation?

We won't see any new consoles until 2013 at the absolute earliest and most likely 2014 or 2015. The is plenty of time for sequels.

cyborg69713087d ago

Why can't they just make a new j&d? All of these remakes is making the game industry look like the film industry.

I don't want to play any game that is this old and I've already beaten. What's the point? The nostalgia wears off fast once you realize hey I've done this so many times before. Give me a new one I'm the series.

SuperBeast8113086d ago

you know you can get a ps2 for like 40 bucks right??GIVE US A NEW JAK AND DAXTER!!!!!!!!!

The_Con-Sept3086d ago

@lelo2play Do you know how many newcomers there are to video gaming? I believe these people would love to play these old games in an HD remake.

Believe it or not I know of 6 people who would love to play even PS2 games... if only it were not on PS2 with old graphics.... You will see many more HD remakes here in the next 6 months. Too bad MS doesn't have anything other than Halo to re-make....

humbleopinion3086d ago


Actually, other then Halo MS already remade other games such as the 2 Banjo games and Perfect Dark.
The only differences is that (apart from Halo) the MS remakes are 10$ downloads that don't force you to buy the whole package even if you want just one game, and actually offers you more then just HD textures in the remake - adding online multiplayer to old games is just one example. Other publishers also offer HD remakes for classic games on the XBLA service (Serious Sam from Croteam for example).
All this while at the same time around 30 xbox classics are also offered as an alternative for direct download with HD upscaling.

I guess that all these remakes are taken for granted on the xbox and no fanboys hype them as the second coming of Christ. See any difference?

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showtimefolks3086d ago

expect a big boost and a price drop from MS soon.

badz1493086d ago

Resistance is added to the the hell does Sony keep doing this? GAMES everywhere for PS3 and now Vita! my saving account will look worst than it already is once Vita is out!

THC CELL3087d ago

Cant wait to see uncharted again its the only beta i have missed in the whole time i have played betas

and cant wait to see the new rpg game and vita

Cloudberry3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Here's hoping for new trailers & game-play videos.

Look at those idiots who disagrees with everyone here, lol.

SuperBeast8113086d ago

gah i hate resistance and im a sony fanboy give me killzone vita!!!!!!!oooooooooooohhhhhhh or a new god of war or a new infamous somehow

Skate-AK3087d ago

Vita games can be gambled? I wonder if that is a translation error.

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The story is too old to be commented.