THQ: Games like Red Faction aren't "going to cut it" any more

THQ’s Danny Bilson has been explaining why the Red Faction franchise ultimately failed: 12 hours of singleplayer and a few multiplayer modes just isn’t good enough in this day and age, he says.

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Kran3078d ago

Well... theres that... and actually PROMOTING THE GAME.

I Mean a few advertisements over YouTube aint really going to attract an audience. You need at least a few TV spots on popular TV channels if youd like good sales. The thing is, so many developers/publishers think expos like E3, Gamescom and Eurogamer is going to get sales. Well no not all the time. Maybe a few sales but other than that, the developers/publishers need to work friggin hard to get the game a good audience.

THQ didnt do it for this game. They didnt do it for Metro 2033 and Darksiders and its just lucky it got the sales for the sequels. I just hope THQ learn from their mistakes with the sales for these games.

(Yeah... they wont)

Quagmire3078d ago

Agreed, THQ is a terrible publisher went it feels the need to promote the horrible COD-wannabe Homefront game (and look where that got them, shutting down the developers), instead of the unique and innovative, and SUCCESSFUL Red Faction franchise.

I'm so glad Darksiders got enough sales to warrant a sequel, wouldve been pissed off if it didnt. Such a great game, Metro 2033 also, terrific atmospheric unique first-person shooter which doesnt need a MP aspect for its sales.

BattleAxe3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Red Faction didn't do well because THQ changed the core of the franchise. They made stupid decisions with the game's design, thats why it failed. If they would have built the game from taking the best elements from the original, it could have been something great.

news4geeks3078d ago

I think they do realise what is needed to boost sales Kran, the problem is finding the right amount to spend on advertisements whilst not overshooting and ending up bust. Money doesn't grow from trees.

Pro_TactX3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Yeah money doesn't grow on trees. It grows on (cotton) bushes.

redDevil873078d ago

ah well, so much for that. Hopefully they do an Armageddon like game on the next gen consoles, they shot themselves in the foot with the changes they made in the last RF.

maawdawg3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Unfortunately, I doubt it. The head of Volition and person who created and "drove the bus" on Red Faction since the beginning quit right before RF:A launched. Red Faction is going to be a dormant franchise for a long time if not dead permanently.

It is a shame, really, the first 2 RF games were among my favorites in their time and Guerrilla was woefully under-marketed and the very underrated MP suffered for it. Then they went an entirely different direction for Armageddon from the good open world play of Guerrilla and also dumped in a cheap horde mode instead of continuing the competitive MP, which was the best part of all RF games from the beginning.

THQ mismanaged, undermarketed, and over-diversified the Red Faction brand to death. They were too worried about the XBLA game and crappy SyFy movie to see that their decisions on Armageddon were killing what the series always was.

Now I have to just hope that they put GeoMod 2 into the next Saint's Row in a few years and that they don't make similar decisions with Metro: Last Light and Darksiders 2 to bury those two promising franchises.

Cpt_kitten3078d ago

i liked the last RF, brought in old enemies and new toys

people just cry to much cause they took out the open world, instead of actually listening to the devs and and playing the game for the story

MidnytRain3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Yeah, but, I think chucking the selling points and primary characteristics of a previous game is a bad idea.

JellyJelly3078d ago

Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of my favourite games this gen. The latest game doesn't look nearly as good though but that doesn't mean Red Faction as an IP doesn't have more to give.

At least re-use the Geo-Mod engine for other games cause it's brilliant imo.

SageHonor3078d ago

This series had potential... But Homefront is gonna cut it? Sure...

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