Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC will be region-locked

DSOGaming writes: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution is almost upon us and those interested in purchasing the PC version should be aware that it will be region-locked, so make sure to purchase the right version for your country as you won’t be able to register the game if you purchase a different one."

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gw4k3080d ago

I'm interested in the reviews for this game.

I've seen 94 for the pc.
8 for the PS3.
10/10 for the 360.

Definitely picking it up but for which system (not a pc gamer anymore).

Yi-Long3080d ago

... what kinda crap is this now!?

That's ridiculous.

jony_dols3080d ago

There will be a community patch released around 5 minutes after the game releases, which will get rid of this ridiculous region locking.

Why would Edios even waste their time?

Rashonality3080d ago

how is that possible....will they make an IP check or something, if so that's just lame and it will turn out to be something similar to AC2 situation where the pirates had it best.

jozzah3080d ago

What benefit is there anyway, Eidos gets all the money regardless of where it's bought.

bumnut3080d ago

Some areas have lower prices than others, They won't want americans or brits getting hold of an eastern european serial key cheap online.

peowpeow3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Think I'll still be able to purchase off steam US? Mmm..I'm not sure.

Maybe I can but it won't run lol. Hope this isn't the case

No_Pantaloons3080d ago

Once again the pirates will have the definitive, hassle free version of the game. Poor paying customers will suffer the full wrath of publisher "protection."

Ducky3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

As long as the keys from GreenManGaming are working (which they are), I'm happy.

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