New DMC: Devil May Cry artworks feature new Dante design

Capcom has revealed several character artworks featuring the new redesigned Dante for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game, DMC: Devil May Cry.

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jesuisankit2839d ago

I like the new redesign.. its getting the feel of the old Dante.

Quagmire2839d ago

I dont care how similar it looks to the original or not, the design looks great, and NT are doing a great job with the gameplay.

And to all haters hating on Ninja Theory, Capcom was the one who told them to change him up. You seriously think Ninja Theory wouldve changed him for shits-n-giggles without Capcom's approval? Get a life...

frelyler2839d ago

It's not the appearance. It's the fact it will be 30 fps on the unreal engine. DMC is all about 60 fps relentless, challenging, action type game play. NT has not proven themselves to be able to capture the quality bar that has already been set for the series in regards to play mechanics. Combat has always been the strongest part of the series and now a company that has not proven it can do the level of action required is taking the reigns. Not to mention the unreal 3 engine is getting old, it can't keep up with the amount of actions required for a proper DMC game. If I wanted story and substance in my games I would play an RPG. NT is looking to bring a story, but DMC has never been about that. Don't tell people to get a life just because they are passionate about something they like, and have to see it being completely changed / ruined to cater to the pussy's who can't handle a challenge. It's like someone taking the original Star Wars and letting Brett Ratner redo them, then telling everyone to be quit about it and that it will be good. I think not.

rjdofu2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

I don't give a f*ck about his appearance. Black, blue, white hair, or bald; i don't care. The most important thing is the gameplay(framerate + combat). You say THAT gameplay trailer was great? LOL, maybe it's just you. Compared to DMC3, heck even DMC4, it's sh*t. Slow, sluggish combos/movement, lame DT, lost the "feel" of the real DMC game, inconsistent framerate (can't even lock at 30fps LOL). That's freaking sad for a game called DMC.

@frelyler: he's not even a fan of the series, he's a NT fanboy LOL.

firelogic2838d ago

Since you've played the game, how is it? Oh you haven't? Don't comment that they're doing great on the gameplay front. If anything, their past titles have shown they aren't capable of making a dmc style game.

thaking1552838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Oh here we go with Quagmire hanging all over NT sack!!!!

Have you somehow magically played the demo for this game to sit there and say Bravo NT is doing great with the Gameplay... UMM NO! The game play still looks choppy, there is no fluid motion between the move sets man... I see slash and hold before the next swipe comes.

The people hating on NT is for a reason, they keep putting themselves on a Pedestal when most of their games are choppy and copy and paste type gameplay (God of War/Heavenly Sword, Enslaved/Uncharted)

Then NT goes and trashes the fanbase and calls us stupid when we have invested more time and money in a game we love and a character we love but you know whats best and whats cool. Umm we like Original Dante because he is over the top and crazy fun to play with not because he has depression and other crap that he should'nt be dealing with... Capcoms Alex Jones and NT Tameem Antoniades are idjits!!! You guys should be trying to somewhat appeal to the fans and acknowledge what they say. Im not saying everything but some of the things, like make a sequel to DMC 2 or DMC 4 for Gods sake not another prequel, been there done that! CAPCOM STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW, STYLE AND OVER THE TOP GAMEPLAY, DONT FALL TO THE "WESTERNIZATION" STYLE. I LIKED DMC THE WAY IT WAS BEFORE, AND I THINK MANY OTHER CAN AGREE.

jlar2838d ago

It's gonna be weird playing this game for me......Bcuz that new Dante looks alot like me 0_O

Redempteur2838d ago

@quagmire ..

if this looks great , what will you think looking at the animation from DMC 3 or DMC 4

The past two trailers had stiff pistol animation and nothing DMC-like ... how can you be excited if you've enjoyed the greatness of SSS comboing at 60 fps is beyond me.

60fps IS A MUST NEED .
Second , NT action games were stiff before and it LOOKS Stiff NOW .. Nothing has changed ..

"I dont care how similar it looks to the original or not"

..then you don't care about DMC at all .

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chidori6662839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I really don't see the difference here...

anyways,A part of me dies every time i see this crap. =/

Ares842839d ago

I can't see the difference either, maybe there is a little difference in teh haircut??? I don't know.

This Dante still looks like a homo.

VileAndVicious2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

You cant see the difference? Are you kidding me? He looks just like Dante from Dmc4 only with short black hair (at least in the painting)

However.... Not a fan of the new ebony and ivory design

Eamon2838d ago

I think they've added more muscle but that's about it. Not much change to be honest. I think people are hoping the haircut will change.

Whitefox7892838d ago

Agreed on above comments more muscle on him, his haircut no longer has that single giant bane going across his left eye, patch of white hair is gone, Rebellion looks somewhat like an actual sword. Its seems the face has also taken a different design as well. I mean I really wished they had a gameplay model up where you can zoom in and out. But yeah its nothing substantial at all.

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JohnnyMann4202839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

I see a little difference in the face, but the pics are too small to tell.

I do not see white hair or other iconic Dante qualities so I completely disagree with Quagmire up there (giggity)So does almost everyone else it looks like.

Ninja Theory = Mediocrity.

Bonobo123452839d ago

while I wish they would go with Dante from DMC1 (The best DMC) I am rather more worried about the design of the enemies, this was always the main draw for me, also the atmospherics were a big thing, the demonic feel of the areas you explored.

In DMC1 every single demon was uniquely designed and so well executed, They all had great descriptions and had me mesmerized in my younger years, the imagination in that game was outstanding. The levels you would transverse were all amazingly atmospheric, and what they achieved on PS2 is held in my mind as one of the pinnacles of level and concept design.

Now since the first game all these aspects got noticeably worse, DMC3 slightly better than 2 but all in all the original magic has not been recreated.

I find it hard to believe that NT can fill these boots, It could be done, but there is too great a danger of them falling into the same old pitfalls and creating a game full of fodder as others have done.

I just want a DMC1 HD remake....

VileAndVicious2839d ago

I agree with you completely. But you have to remember that the original dmc was made a completely different person than the rest. And since he was never allowed to work on another im sure the series has gone in a very different direction than was originally intended.

Hopefully someday capcom will contract platinum games to make a new devil may cry. That would be something.

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MaideninBlack2839d ago

Oh so Dino's a half angel now? Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

Baka-akaB2839d ago

All it misses is some gutter alley and a seringe ...

Fishy Fingers2839d ago

There's actually some gameplay screens, it's not just art. I dont really see a massive change from the old design, hopefully its enough to flush out those sandy vaginas though :)

Cpt_kitten2839d ago

aaaaaaand still looks horrible

Ninja suck

Skate-AK2839d ago

Capcom was probably pushing for a character redesign. They must be happy with it or they wouldn't let NT do it.

Cpt_kitten2839d ago

capcom even and the creator even said they hated it when it was originally revealed, but capcom lately has had a streak of not caring about fans so they won't do anything and let this abomination into the world instead of doing the logical thing taking it from NT and giving it to platinum games where most of the original devil may cry devs are

Skate-AK2839d ago

It doesn't really matter if the creator didn't like it. He gave up his input in the game when he left capcom or got fired idk what one it is. He should worry about his new game and Bayonetta.

Kyosuke_Sanada2839d ago

The real reason why Devil May Cry was designed by NT was the same reason for most of the Japanese game companies stupid mistakes this generation, "westernization".

Soon as companies outside of Japan started creating games that were on par and sometimes better then some of their creations, not to mention comments from their own top developers saying that Japanese games are "5 years behind" quality-wise, it somehow caused a shockwave of fear.

After that companies started rushing towards western developers to remake titles like Square Enix depending on Double Helix to create Front Mission and Capcom hitting up Ninja Theory for DMC. Hell even an interview with Adam Bullard (creative director of Slant Six who are working on Resident Evil: Raccoon City) said Capcom came to them surprisingly saying, "Pitch us a wild idea for a Resident Evil. Pitch us a western idea. Pitch us something uses your expertise."

What developers need to do is start stepping their game up (no pun attended) and start making better games but still keep the Eastern flair that attracted the original fanbase.

Whitefox7892838d ago

Hideo Kojima has also expressed his aggravation recently with working with developers in Japan that aren't very passionate about the game.

I will say I will always love video games from the east I mean their the whole reason first off this industry was created. Plus you usually see a lot more original ideas (Catherine anyone)? Then in the west.

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