Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review - JPS

Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a unique action/strategy game that sees you play as literally toy soldiers. The first game was released in early 2010 where it became one of the best sellers on XBLA for that year. Signal Studios wants to now repeat this success with the release of Toy Soldiers: Cold War.

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Skate-AK3083d ago

I really hope the series comes to PSN. The games look way fun.

xPhearR3dx3083d ago

Highly doubt it since it's published by Microsoft. Plus this is one of their top Arcade Games, and this sequel takes it above and beyond the first game in so many levels.

Skate-AK3083d ago

Ahhhhh one can hope. :(

xPhearR3dx3083d ago

Well the first one is coming to PC, but it's no where near as good as Cold War. Something is better than nothing though.