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crxss3078d ago

LMAO this game just looks ridiculous. i like it though, as long as CC2 doesn't slack with Naruto Storm 3's eventual release for 2013/2014

Kyosuke_Sanada3078d ago

Combat sure looks intense and much better than the last trailer I saw of it. Its isn't a day one purchase for me yet but its getting there, I just need to hear some more voice acting and a tidbit more gameplay for a final decision.

Skate-AK3078d ago

I really like the visual style of this game. PS3 footage too so at least i know if I get it, it should have any performance issues. PS3 is probably lead platform so port to 360 will still run good and look nearly the same if not identical.

Ness-Psi3078d ago

love the crazy-ness of it, another to add to the ever growing list.

zerocrossing3078d ago

Looking awesome!I think I'll be getting this game