Special Message from Mario

"Voice of Mario" Charles Martinet is doing all that he can to help get Super Mario Galaxy off to a great start, as evidenced by the audio.

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TruthbeTold4933d ago

A Gamestop commercial by the voice of Mario. I found it cheesy and funny, yet disturbing.

Leathersoup4933d ago

Mario whores himself out to Gamestop for crack.

TruthbeTold4933d ago

I had a similar sentiment when I found this story, but of course, that is unacceptable.

lynx1halo4933d ago

U. R. M. R. G. A. Y.........its a meee.....MARIO....Get your Gamecube2 from a Gamestop 2day...waaahoooo

Enigma_20994933d ago

... I just lost a LOT of respect for this guy... can't hate on him 100%... look at his track record... what was the last BAD Mario game?

DeckUKold4933d ago

Mario's message: woo woohoo yahoo hoohoo wahhhhhh it'sa meeeee mario waha
whats that you say Mario? lol j/k