New Resident Evil: Revelations footage

Capcom released new footage of the next Resident Evil game.


Additional video available at the source.

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gw4k2840d ago

Errrr, the Wii? Gah, I'm not a fan of that system.

Skate-AK2840d ago

Wii? This is news to me, thought it was a 3DS exclusive.

gw4k2840d ago

Yeah, that is what I thought. This was tagged under the Wii though. Anyone even own a 3DS?

na-no-nai2840d ago

i own a 3ds. well i brought it for my lil sister. gonna get one for myself as soon as i can

gw4k2840d ago

You like it man? Recommend?

na-no-nai2840d ago

Well for now theres not really much games for it beside Zelda:oot, Dead or Alive and Street Fighter, Zelda: link awakening(gb) that I can think of; but I really wanted resident evil and star fox. But I thought it was pretty cool, I really like the 3D; was very impressed first time I tried it lol. But it does sometime hurt your eyes althought it didn't affect me. I recommend it but it depend on your preferences on genres of games and all.

na-no-nai2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Well here a link to a list of games that is supposely coming to the 3ds some point in time except for Mega Man Legend since it was cancel

Jovahkiin2840d ago

Characater models look great, really excited for this. Need to pick up a 3DS

Jovahkiin2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Why did someone disagree with everything?

AWBrawler2830d ago

Hmmm seems like it's a blend of RE4 and the old RE games. Liking what I see so far.