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SPARDA_4262839d ago

In all seriousness this trailer made me feel better for this game.

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HaHa_Ostrich2839d ago

It is certailny better than the first trailer. Dantes new look is hard to chew on, but there is more hope in me after seeing this.

rjdofu2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Choppy & slow, that's all I can say about the swordplay (too much use of heavy weapons aka. hammer & scythe, the swords is also slow). It may change in the future when he gets new gears (if he ever will). The combos look ok, a little generic & sluggish though. I like the way player can changes their weapons during combo, and the attacks/movements when changing weapons are somewhat linked together, make it seems fluid.

The gunplay is ok (hard to judge though since there're not enough gunplay scenes). Only two ranged weapons are shown.

The graphics is good so far, lightning & color are good; however, the framerate is a freaking huge problem. It looks like the gameplay is not even running at fix 30fps, terrible. For an action advanture game, a smooth, high framerate is crucial.

Btw, maybe it's only for this trailer, but the music sucks.

This trailer improves alot compared to the first 2. I think , this may become a good game, but to be a good Devil May Cry game? Still need a long way to go.

VileAndVicious2839d ago

I liked this trailer, people complained a few moths ago about pretty much everything from the last trailer which clearly stated at the begining "work in progress". This one also has that same message yet people are still finding little things to complain about. This build is probably beta now but it will be interesting to see at the gamescon conference when its playable.

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TheKindRoost2839d ago

Melee combat is dreadfully choppy and the gunplay is dreadfully stiff. For the love of all thing that is dmc, put it out of its misery already.

Quagmire2839d ago

Lmfao, I love how ALL the haters are finding any small petty pathetic flaws in the BETA gameplay. It looks great, better than expected. Dare I say, even better than the snore-fest that was DMC4.

I still hate Capcom for giving this to Ninja Theory, not because Ninja Theory are slightly changing and updating the looks, but because they are working on a crappy franchise, when they could instead be working on what the do best, developing new creative and unique, picturesque titles with brilliant narratives akin to that of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.

Gohadouken2839d ago

dont worry troll , they'll be going back to their own crap as soon as this turd get released and fail .

Then both fans of the actual dmc and of that studios will be freed .

rjdofu2839d ago

Framerate is not a petty pathetic flaw, dumb*ss. By the way you talk, you certainly are not a fan of the series, so piss off with your trolling.

Skate-AK2839d ago

At 36 seconds looks like a quick flash of old Dante. Maybe his devil trigger is old Dante.

VileAndVicious2839d ago

Yeah back in june there was another trailer with dante activating his devil trigger and his hair turning white, so everyone is asuming that at some point it becomes permanent.

Elda2839d ago

It looks like very early development stages,with the gameplay,battle sequences displayed in this trailer,when it's a final product this Mutha game is going to be Grand Prize!!!!

JellyJelly2839d ago

Looks like Harry Potter has learnt some new moves.

Ultimatekaos2839d ago

Looks like somebody is not funny! :)

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