Homefront 2 announcements will 'instil a lot of confidence' in series - THQ

Were you disappointed by Homefront? So was THQ's Danny Bilson. But the firm's executive VP of core games thinks that there's still plenty of life left in the series yet, and that "there'll be some announcements about Homefront 2 that will instil a lot of confidence".

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ATi_Elite2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Give it up! This title will be D.O.A.. I suggest THQ not waste their time or money. I really do not see Homefront or THQ doing anything that will push the genre.

Generic shooters are DEAD! COD clones are DEAD!

dangert122838d ago

Dead to you...but alot of the gaming crowd could't tell generic from batman thats why games that are really well advertised tend to do well as its pushed in their face the less genic shooters apart from gears and halo are not advertised very well which results in less Interest

darren_poolies2838d ago

I really enjoyed the first one, yes the graphics weren't good and I completed the single player in a day but I loved the story and the multiplayer was a welcome change of pace.

So bring on the second!

andibandit2838d ago

They should distance themselves from "Homefront" AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

call the game whatever, just dont link it to homefront.

BattleAxe2838d ago

Well the first game had poor graphics, a very short 5 hour single player campaign and very little online content, so in my opinion anyone who played this game should have no confidence in the sequel.

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JellyJelly2838d ago

It has lots of potential if they do it right. The first had a horrible single player campaign but the multiplayer was really enjoyable, if not on the same level as Battlefield.

ATi_Elite2838d ago

You got more than jelly in that Jelly if you think Homefront's MP was on the same level as Battlefield's.

So to be polite i will just say i disagree as BF MP is about skill and team work on a large scale where as i felt Homefronts MP was a pure COD clone that had some solid game play but no where near BF level of balance!!

JellyJelly2838d ago

@ ATi_Elite - Ah! I see my mistake! I meant it's NOT on the same level as Battlefield. It was pretty fun though and unlike what many say the MP reminded me more of BF than COD.

ATi_Elite2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

No problem there.....Agreed!

andibandit2838d ago

Homefront was nowhere near the same level as Battlefield.

The only kudos i could give homefront was for the playercap of 64. Everything else was mediocre at most.

kaveti66162838d ago

I think it was a mistake for THQ to drop support of Red Faction and greenlight a sequel to Homefront.

Red Faction as a series has way more potential than Homefront.

What is Homefront, aside from just another shooter game in a sea of shooter games, of which the most popular subject now is the invasion of the United States by some unlikely threat.

Red Faction at least has a following.

Skate-AK2838d ago

I liked the MP demo more than Black Ops. If I can find a new copy for $40 ill get it.

SuperBeast8112838d ago

give it a month and it will be 20 LOL the sp is weak as hell

Skate-AK2838d ago

Went to gamestop yesterday and its still $60. Not paying full price with all the good games coming September-November.

SuperBeast8112838d ago

No it wont ..........................

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The story is too old to be commented.