Xbox 360 Dominating Pre-Order Charts for MW3 and BF3 |

Are Playstation 3 owners just apprehensive to pre-order, or is Xbox 360 really the preferred platform for gamers?

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hill713079d ago

i have never pre ordered a game in my life

ilikegam3s3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Neither, its just faster to go to the store and pay for it.

And you never know that it might be slightly cheaper somewhere else :D

KwietStorm3078d ago

How do you figure it's faster? You're being sarcastic, right?

ilikegam3s3078d ago

Cause maybe there is a store like 5 mins away from my house, or I can go to the mall which is like 10 mins away.

Why the need of pre-ordering? (if i have those options)

zeeshan3079d ago

No shit 360 will lead the pre-orders for these games. PS3 gamers have got a LOT more happening than 360 gamers (no fanboyism here). Dark Souls, Uncharted 3 and what not! There are crap load of exclusives coming to PS3 than 360.

JellyJelly3079d ago

Dark Souls is also coming for the 360, which I'm very much looking forward to.

How come these amazing PS3 exclusives aren't even on the list if they are as great as you say?

Anon19743079d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Also, historically PS3 owners simply don't preorder as much as 360 owners. Although there's certainly overlap, the demographics of console owners are different. That and pre-ordering is predominantly a US thing, and with the majority of 360's sold in the states it's not surprising that pre-orders for titles are higher.

Still, gotta love nuggets like this attached to VGChartz guesses. "Xbox 360 continues to dominate the pre-order charts as the preferred console for gamers."

That's what VGchartz's (who have proven time and time again as notoriously inaccurate) pre-order guesses prove? Yeah - ok buddy.

Edit Below: What did I just say? There's overlap. Is their a problem with reading comprehension? No one's claiming shooters don't sell well on the PS3. 6 of the 25 best selling PS3 games are shooters(24%). You know what that is for the 360? 10 of the 25 top selling games(40%).

No surprise.

Hands Up For Games3078d ago


Out of interest. What are the biggest selling games on the PS3 and what are the most played?

I think you might get a surprise ;-)

KwietStorm3078d ago

So your argument is a game that's also on 360, Uncharted 3, and "what not." lol yea that's a crap load more to worry about alright.

JellyJelly3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

darkride66 - "360 owners tend to favor shooters more than PS3 owners."

Killzone 2, 3
Resistance 1, 2, 3
Uncharted 1, 2, 3
SOCOM Confrontation and SOCOM 4

COD Black OPS and Modern Warfare 2 are the best selling games on the PS3 console thus far.

saladthieves3078d ago

Well the user base in North America for the Xbox 360 is huge. In my opinion, the Xbox 360 bran is heavily associated and identified with Shooters genres and this can be seen in its flagship titles such as Halo and Gears of War. This coupled with the fact that CoD is advertised as if it belongs on the 360 (because DLC goes there first) makes these preorder numbers understandable.

Also given Activision's track record of how horrible Black Ops was on PC and PS3 vs the 360, smart people won't necessarily take the same risk again. But Call of Duty is Call of Duty, and every year there will be the same sheep who will be fooled into buying another copy yet again. It is hugely popular with kids, and that's one of the reasons it sells millions.

Another reason for other people such as myself, is due to other highly anticipated games coming out in the same MONTH alone. There are much better games than Call of Duty MW3 coming out in the next 4 months such as Gears of War 3, PS3 exclusives like Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 etc. all good games guaranteed to best Call of Duty.

TBM3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

what i've preordered already for PS3

Deus Ex - paid off
Resistance - paid off
R&C All 4 One
Batman AC
Dark Souls
GoW Origins
Ico/Shadow Collection
Twisted Metal
AC Revelations
Uncharted 3
MGS HD Collection
Saint's Row the Third

Gears 3

Zelda SWS - if it does release this year.

im holding off on Rage until i see from previews

hmm ive seem to upset someone hahaha

andibandit3078d ago

MW3 AND Battlefield 3
are both heavily centralized around multiplayer.

A lot of PS3 owners bought it to play some of the amazing Single Player games for the PS3, and dont give a S#¤% about online gaming. I kinda figure that would be the case here also.

skeletonss3078d ago

ur kidding right? what about gears of war 3? which is bigger than BOTH of the games you mentioned.

TBM3078d ago

Would the disagreers care to explain why the disagree with what I've preorder? Please tell me what's wrong with it.

nycredude3078d ago


THere haven't been a real big release on the 360 this year yet and the year is almost 2/3 over. People are fiending to play anything, especially a shooter.

Also preorders of shooters on a console know for shooters are higher than ps3 in a region where the 360 has sold more is hardly surprising. THis article is another stupid article in a long list of stupid articles that seem to always make it to N4g.

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Kurt Russell3079d ago

I pre-order sometimes, as I work full time and don't have chance to go shopping outside of the weekends - Also I like getting them posted to my work address as it makes all the other designers who are equally as nerdy jealous :D

saladthieves3079d ago

Same here. It's not like these copies run out. I go to BestBuy, they always have copies available.

Although some people might consider the incentive to pre-order a game to get stuff such as bonus DLC, good for them. It's not really my thing. If a game releases, I walk to the nearest shop and buy it.

gw4k3078d ago

I pre-order the big games and I usually get them for the 360. Just my system of choice. Not sure why PS3 is lacking the love but whatever. Who Cares. It's a great year for gaming!

Can't wait for Drakes Fortune on the PS3. That is the big PS3 game for me this year.

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Adva3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Go bring some official numbers from the respective publishers then come back and post this stupid 'article', as you call it.
Using some random numbers doesn't make it a fact.

LOL at Vgcartz comment. Lets all start a 'prediction making' site and get quoted.

AverageGamer3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

The numbers were taken from vgchartz, which is the top source for pre-order numbers.

52pickup3079d ago

So you produce this article with that very questionable headline,which is obviously "flame bait" and then you respond to someone who rightfully so asks for more concrete pre-order figures to back-up this claim,with "Playstation 3 fanboy is mad".

I would say you are the fanboy AverageGamer.

Avoid the website and don't click the link,someone poaching for hits obviously.

vyke33079d ago

the reason why pre-orders are more on the 360 cause most of the 360 owners live in the US. most exclusive pre-order content are available in US retailers.

but seriously what does the pre-order count have anything to do with which version of the game is superior? do fanboys have to argue about anything these days???

AverageGamer3078d ago

How is the headline questionable? The chart clearly shows the dominance.

Silly gameAr3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )


That's good advice. I think the filters broken or something. I expect plenty of "oh they're not gonna like that" and "360 ftw the win duh" comments to dominate this "article" when in reality, no one really gives 2 s***.

Pacman3213078d ago

Of course the 360 is dominating the PS3 in the pre-order charts...In the USA.
If you checked Europe or Japan, it is a different story. Your headline is misleading and flame bait.

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Santa-Claus3079d ago

It's gonna get fuckin' nasty in here.

Laypoof3079d ago

Battlefield 3 WILL sell more on the PS3. You can quote me on that

Kurt Russell3079d ago

If it looks considerably better on PS3 I will buy it for that. If it looks the same, I'll buy the 360 one (I have more fwiends there)

MasterCornholio3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Do you assume this because they did a huge presentation of the PS3 version plus they showed it off on the Jimmy Fallon Show?

Most people assume that the version that they show off is always the best version. And if its a console version while it might not be as good as the PC one its always the best version out of the 2 consoles. So by going with that logic if they only shown off battlefield 3 on the PS3 that must mean that the PS3 is the best version. And since people want the best they will choose that version over the 360 unless they only own a 360.

Is this correct?

newleaf3078d ago

Lol that would be the most retarded thing to quote. Whats next? The earth is flat, quote me on that?

Veeger3079d ago

What does it mean? Nothing. Statistics taken from as for today:

Players Online / Total

7,755 | 2,439,052

9,792 | 2,121,185

9,519 | 2,150,501

Hufandpuf3079d ago

wow, wth is everyone playing then?

Pacman3213078d ago

Thanks for the statistics I've always wondered about the amount of people playing online. I actually expected the amount to be higher, considering i was on mw2 on PS3 the other day and around 100,000 were online :/

Tachyon_Nova3078d ago

Doesn't that fact just destroy the argument that cod games are terrible if there are still 100000 people playing a game that is nearly two years old? People aren't so dumb that they will keep doing something they hate for a good 21 months or so, therefore they must actually enjoy the games. And that everyone is why people buy COD games every year, they enjoy them!

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