Why PlayStation Home Did Not Meet Expectations

Playstation Home (what, you’ve never heard of it? Go look at your PS3 menu screen) was… well… never as huge of a success as Sony had planned. But why not? Let GoGoGamer take you through the steps as to how Playstation Home did not live up to the expectations that were expected of it.

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Adva4422d ago

Failed? I still see millions logging in each day. Still see loads of content every month. New games, items, features etc. Plus, Home is making a profit.
This articles fails.

Nitrowolf24422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

HOME still has a far way to go. It isn't a failure at all, but i am still waiting on a few things (Trophy Room http://image.com.com/gamesp... and such.
Never got 3D trophies either like they said that they were working on.

Sodium one was a nice addition to HOME and many new spaces and games are being added to HOME each month.

Don't see it being a failure. I think Sony just had to much stuff they said would be there that aren't there yet, which cause many to be disappointed with it.

I don't understand what happened with this

I don't use HOME that often, but when i do I See a lot of changes that are actually quite cool.

NukaCola4422d ago

Changed the title so it seems less flamebaity?

It is not a failure, tons of people use it everyday. It's just not fully intergrated into XMB which makes it stand off and that is why it isn't as used. Outside apps like Life with Playstation just aren't as popular as netflix hulu etc.

Look at the Game Room on 360...That isn't successful either. But when things are more in you face and integrated well, then it works better.

Dramscus4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

I think home's more of a thing for people to use when they first get they ps3 and don't have any games to play really.

Boot it up play maybe the one game they own, get bored check around the xmb go into home play the free games. It does have at least a few hours worth of content for anybody willing to navigate their wat to it through the online world.

Also a clan I was in used to have meetups in a group space in home before and after sessions sometimes. Get a bunch of people in their voice chatting about game stuff it was pretty good. Petered off after a while though

bruddahmanmatt4422d ago

Home is free. How anyone could ever find the time to write a bitchfest piece about it is beyond me. I agree that there are some things in Home which could be better implemented but for the most part, it's great at being a break from traditional gaming. It's loaded with fantastic casual content and all kinds of goofy s***. One visit to the "Burn Zombie Burn" dance room at the end of the hedge maze will convert even the most stubborn Home hater.

Anon19744422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

Um, so the article is going to make a claim like this and not even attempt to back it up? Where are the facts? Where are the user numbers? Where are the revenue figures? Where is a shred of evidence that anything stated here is true?

"PlayStation hardware is, and always has been, for hardcore gaming."
- Huh?

"Right away, anyone should realize that a feature like Playstation Home is no place a gamer of this mind frame wants to be."
- How so?

"Sony gamers want to network to find their friends to do one thing: game"
- And apparently run around in Home. Millions using Home prove this.

"Personally think it was clear from the beginning that something like the Playstation Home was a worthless endeavor."
- Yeah, and you certainly aren't going to let a little thing like reality change your mind.

If you're going to have an opinion about something, at least attempt to back it up with some facts. It's like me saying "I don't like the Wii because it causes testicular cancer. Gamers don't like it either which I'm guessing because I don't like it. That is all."

Seriously, what good is an uninformed opinion? It's embarrassing.

darthv724421d ago

to me it feels so detached from the rest of the service. As if to say it take some motivation to visit as opposed to it being the standard interface for playing games and movies and the store.

Had sony opted to use home in place of the xmb I would probably be more explorative in it. Also, a theme park with bumpercars and roller coasters and carnival games would be fun. If that is already in home...my bad. I havent signed in to home in so long. The desire just isnt there. It could be in time.

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TrevorPhillips4422d ago

Playstation Home did not fail =/

Millions still log on it daily and we see new contents from time to time.

firemassacre4422d ago (Edited 4422d ago )

ps home is great, theres just too many awesome ps3 games that i need to play to find time for playstation home.

oh yea, and go figure -_-

units (2) | 13m ago

hiredhelp4422d ago

Ok after reading parts of this article. This guy needs more than a Secondlife"
This is not secondlife wasnt made to be secondlife.
There are some down sides to home but theres a awfull lot of good sides too.
home maynot be for everyone but youll be supprised just how many there is in home.
As for ps3 being for hardcore gamers great thing about sony is just like the psx ps2 b4 .they cater for every style of gamer. Like home gives you a vary of choices styles weather be choosing to buy a apartment that suites you or choosing a fancy dress.
Apart from the kids running after the girls and having some bad languag. Doesnt mean home bad place there are alot genuine people of all ages.
Some days i like to chill chat. Some days ill go on have game pool. Have a laugh start shaking my booty dressed as a rabbit.
Its a community with many things to try.
I think you need to be greatfull at what sony have done with home and maybe just maybe. Get a life"