Game Consoles Won't Disappear Due to Mobile, says Shane Kim

Xbox 720 and PS4 will both likely arrive within a few years, and Wii U is due out next year. All three of these platforms should do well enough for themselves, says former Microsoft Game Studios VP Shane Kim, who doesn't quite buy into the theory that mobile will get so powerful that it'll seriously harm or even replace consoles in the future.

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gw4k3083d ago

Heck NO! Consoles aren't going anywhere. I have a high desktop sitting right here and I never use it for gaming. I much rather use my consoles.

I also have an iPhone 4 and it isn't taking any of my gaming time away from my consoles.

Sinner101GR3083d ago

the dinosaurs of the industry insist that consoles have to stay...of course they wont disappear.