IGN: No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise Review

Jack DeVries writes:

"Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Suda 51 lives on the edge, at least in his game design. His gonzo portfolio of games – including Killer7, most recently Shadows of the Damned, and his upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw – do little to conform to the milieu of the mainstream. Like we care. His other most notable franchise, No More Heroes, has finally landed on the PlayStation 3 with No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (thanks, Konami). Save the addition of Move support, some gameplay tweaks, and a pinch of added content from No More Heroes 2, the port arrives in its original state—warts and all— but newcomers to the series should consider giving this a play nonetheless."

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Venox20083081d ago

didn't play this version, but Wii version is awesome! :)