Rumor: Leaked Images of New Xbox 360 Dashboard, Release August or September

Microsoft went into great detail at E3 about the upcoming dashboard update the Xbox 360 would receive before the end of the year that would introduce further use of Kinect and add additional features. Now some rumored leaked images and video have surfaced of the new dashboard.

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Wenis3077d ago

I can't wait for skype. Prank calling from my xbox will be fun

Misterhbk3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

'this isn't playstation where your stuff will get hacked. this is much more secure. this is microsoft'

Internet Explorer says hello...

why am I getting disagrees? Internet Explorer is widely known as the most insecure browser available. wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

RockmanII73077d ago

MS doesn't charge $60 a year for IE

KingDustero3077d ago

360 fanboys are just blind. They believe whatever M$ says is the truth and don't doubt it for a second.

Xbox Live isn't as secure as they think it is. It gets hacked everyday, but is isn't on a very large scale.

It is quite easy to get into an individual account, but no one has yet to get into the whole database and brag about it.

In the end NOTHING is 100% secure.

BizDaWolf3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

xbox needs this right now

kaveti66163077d ago

"It gets hacked everyday, but is isn't on a very large scale."

Phishing individual accounts is not the same as hacking. Completely different methods are involved.

Hacking takes programming skill.

Phishing takes social engineering on the part of the phisher and gullibility on the part of the person being phished.

I'm extremely frustrated by peoples' lack of understanding on this matter.

XBL hasn't been hacked. I'm not saying it's unhackable. It just hasn't been yet.

DeadlyFire3077d ago

A network is a network. XBL or not its no different than PSN security wise. There is always a backdoor.

Doesn't matter if you pay $1000 bucks a year doesn't change how a network works.

kaveti66163077d ago


The way data is encrypted and stored makes a big difference.

If the rumors are true about credit card information and other information being stored into servers as 128-bit encryptions, then that would make XBL pretty secure. At the very least I don't think the same hackers who breached PSN would be able to break a 128-bit encryption.

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Sillyace923077d ago

seems pretty bland and uninviting

user8586213077d ago

talk about bland, you should check out the XMB

Sillyace923077d ago

well I was speaking comparatively to the current dashboard

3077d ago
dgonza403076d ago

damn, defensive much?
dont keep your panties in a wad..

Silly was just stating it looked bland and uninviting... there you go assuming..

aviator1893077d ago

I love these new dash updates and features we get nearly each year.
And yes, Wenis, prank calling from skype will be epic.

Bigpappy3077d ago

The fall updates are always substantial. This will have a lot of new features.

Here is hoping the Bing integraton work with headsets also. I love voice tech for searches (very efficient)

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The story is too old to be commented.