Could A Sony Smash Bros. Work?

We all know how successful Super Smash Bros. has been, but what about a Sony version? Could it work? And what would it be like?

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Dramscus2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Totally goddamn awesome.

Could be pretty bad ass. Specially if they gave it a more realistic look and feel. Though that may conflict with some of the characters. Im sure something in the middle could be pulled off.

Would definitely just look like sony super smash bro's though.
I wouldn't complain for the lack of origionality.

Misterhbk2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

Kratos, Cole, Nathan Drake, Sly, Jak, the wanderer, crash bandicoot, daxter, sully, Elena, chloe, Zeke, sackboy, chimera (resistance), and so many more that I can't even think of right now.

Throw in some third party characters from the past like cloud, squall, Tidus, sephiroth, sora, riku, and you've got an instant hit.


Also I say instea of going with a smash bros style of combat just make it a straight up fighting game. Sony needs a fighting IP and this could be it. Could be 2D street fighter style or even more along the lines of tekken. Either way it'd be awesome to battle it out with such great characters.

Quagmire2839d ago

They should definitely commission Namco to make a Sony fighter, considering they were at the helm of Sony's exclusive and iconic Tekken fighter.

LOGICWINS2840d ago

If this included Kiryu Kazuma, Sully, Eddy Raja, Vamp, and Lady from DMC..I'd totally get it if its balanced well.

I doubt Sony would be interested in doing another crossover anytime soon though since PS Move Heroes flopped.

Dramscus2840d ago

yeah but that wasn't a good idea to start and most of the games the characters were from where from last gen so people new to gaming weren't familiar enough with them.

LOGICWINS2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

"yeah but that wasn't a good idea"

Ummm..yeah, which is why it flopped

"and most of the games the characters were from where from last gen so people new to gaming weren't familiar enough with them."

When Brawl hit the Wii, the majority of the characters were more than a decade old(3-4 generations behind) and it was still a critical and commercial success. Obviously there are other factors to why few Move Heroes underwhelmed.

Just curious..why r u making excuses for Move Heroes' critical/commercial failiures?

LOGICWINS2840d ago

^^ Ignore the "few" part lol

Dramscus2840d ago

I wasn't making excuses I was explainig the reasons behind the failures.
Yeah but brawl is part of a longstanding game series. and it has mario in it. Most people barely care about anything besides omfg it's mario and link >.<

LOGICWINS2840d ago

Oh sorry, I guess I misunderstood you then.

Why o why2839d ago

It might of flopped because it wasnt any good PLUS its a new ip. Nintendo dont do new ip's because they might flop. Sony definitely have the characters to fill a roster but thats only half of the problem solved. The game type and gameplay would have to be solid as fc*k. Not sure which team under or affiliated with sony would do the best job. Interesting all the same

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Otheros002840d ago

People will buy just about anything that has mario or link in it. Like links crossbow training. Which has nothing to do with the legend of zelda or link himself.

blackburn102839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

Sony has more then enough characters to make something like this. They could even dig into some of their older characters like the knight in Medevil to round off the roster. Drake, Sly and the gang, Ratchet and Clank, Kratos (less violent of course), Jak and Daxter, the boy from SOTC,Sir Daniel Fortesque, Captain Quark, Cole, Sack Boy, Carmalita,Ashelin,Nefarious,Al ister Azimuth,Angela Cross. Hey they could even throw in Explodemon for kicks.Just read it. Forgot Nariko.

Pacman3212839d ago

With the characters you just listed i can picture an awesome game, but to pull it off they would need experienced developers behind it, which would be a big investment.

MinimeJer052839d ago

I don't think a Sony version could. Just feels too wrong..

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