Battlefield 3 Gamescom Quicklinks - Time Zones, Streams, Chats

Quicklinks to Battlefield 3 Conference on viewers Time Zone, includes live stream links, and links for chat

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callmedom943077d ago

Can't wait for the reveals of everything from Gamescom regarding BF3

one2thr3077d ago

I'm praying for a "Dog fight" only mode.....

callmedom943077d ago

That would be awesome. I hope they have something up their sleeves. maybe a capture the flag mode as well

Elwenil3077d ago

Maybe? You do realize that Conquest is the traditional Battlefield mode, don't you? Maybe I missed the sarcasm?

Skate-AK3077d ago

He probably meant where you physically take the flag and bring it back to your base. Not just where you stand there and capture a base.

Trunkz Jr3077d ago

Capture the Flag would be AWESOME!! It was awesome in Desert Combat mod for 1942 it would be awesome for BF3, ranked or unranked.

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