CS: GO gameplay screenshots announced

For those who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive from Valve, you might want to wait for a week to check out the screenshots of the upcoming shooter.

lMHl4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I thought it would have screenshots *frowny face*

malol4667d ago

first of all how do you announce screen shots
and second where are those ((announced)) screen shots

i say Ban this website from posting on N4G
and take this one down now

evrfighter4666d ago

announcement for screen shots....

wow Valve really?

slap that pr rep who thought an announcement for screenshots was necessary. That's just trying too hard.

CrzyFooL4667d ago

Umm, so it's an article about screenshots being announced for next week? wtf

killa916064667d ago

Announcement for screenshots? What's next, a release date for a wallpaper?

vickers5004667d ago

That was by far the best comment I've read all week.

STONEY44666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Nope, It'll be the announcement that the wallpaper has been delayed to 2012 due to too much competition.

Santa-Claus4667d ago

I'll make sure that the author only gets a bag of coal this christmas.

Gazondaily4667d ago

Ooops...meant to press the Agree button Santa but I missed.

Please forgive me Santa

Santa-Claus4667d ago

I believe you...

Gazondaily4667d ago

Woooot?! I didn't realise you Xmas Santa from Futurama.

I'm boned....