Nintendolife Talking Point: How Much Fan Influence Should Game Studios Allow?

Zach Kaplan says: "There was a time not too long ago when the origins of the games we play were somewhat mysterious. We knew the company names and could view credit sequences until the cows came home and magazine readers could gain some extra insight, but by and large the thought processes, discarded ideas and development stages that went into the creation of those virtual worlds were a mystery."

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MultiConsoleGamer2839d ago

I really think fan influence can be a mixed blessing.

jacksonmichael2839d ago

Fan influence should be infinite when it comes to localization. And I thought that the website where people were choosing what Megaman would look like in Legends 3 was pretty cool.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2839d ago

None if you ask me.

People are starting to lean towards thinking of video games as an art. But art is an expression of the artist, not of the consumer. The more influence from other people that goes into it, the less art it is. Thats why bigger companies like EA, Activision, and the like cant produce art imo. Indie devs on the other hand are a different story.

mike1up2839d ago

I dont see any harm from having feedback from the people that buy your product. Sure developers will certainly hear more bad ideas than good, but, you gotta give the people what they want.

ECM0NEY2838d ago

"you gotta give the people what they want"

This holds true the most with MMORPGs I believe. Ive seen so many MMO devs dig their own graves bc they did not listen to the true fans of the game.

ChickeyCantor2838d ago

Because lots of fans think in a limited scope. They only think to what is known to their knowledge.
Not all of course, but its important for developers to try different and unusual stuff. Regardless of how fans will react.

gumgum992838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Charlie: Who cares about pleasing the fans, I won a freakin' Golden Ticket!

It should be balanced though. Filter the obnoxious while delivering the goods to keep fans happy.