Check Mii Out channel now live

Via Geekpulp - The promised channel for the Wii is now available for download from the Wii Store labelled as "Mii Contest Channel". The Check Mii Out channel allows people to view and vote for your favourites. There may also be competitions to create a Mii based on a provided subject. Anyway, off you go, get downloading, it costs nothing and might be worth a few laughs as people have created some fairly amusing avatars.

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Darkiewonder4931d ago

Don't have the battery to load up the Wii and download the channel.

I'll just read impression from others :)

BrotherNick4931d ago

Haha, try to comment about the article, not what you are doing or not doing. You have friends for that I hope. I hope there will be better uses soon for the channels...this seems okay but it needs more meaty stuff.

ShadoWulf4931d ago

It's pretty cool with several people. I first downloaded it with some friends and we all laughed at Chuck Norris and Metroid and Jack Black and the other Miis out there.

ItsDubC4931d ago

Ya I was watching TV last night and all of a sudden my Wii started glowing so I downloaded this channel and spent some time browsing at all the posted Miis. Some where downright hilarious.

JoNaZ_RG4931d ago

I just downloaded it....and I'm disappointed...Nintendo should come out wit a hot channel that let ppl communicate and add ppl and shyt...well i guess u cant expect that from Nintendo

unsunghero284931d ago

Stop complaining. Sheesh, don't download it if you don't want to.

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