The Simple Joy of Dynasty Warriors

Nightmare Mode writes on the simple joys of playing the franchise 'Dynasty Warriors'

"Remember that moment in The Fellowship of the Ring during the Last Alliance when Sauron joined the battle? Everyone in his vicinity just stops and gazes upon him in horror, unable move until he starts clubbing them like a drunken sailor surrounded by baby seals. Dynasty Warriors is all about placing the player in that role. We truly don’t believe that the lack of resistance from the average enemy grunts is due to bad AI, a criticism we often hear of the series. Based on our conversations with programmers, the scripting required to make an enemy to lock onto the player character and attack it is one of the easiest things to do. The truth is these nameless Chinese soldiers are petrified of you. You’re a renowned general with a ridiculously oversized weapon who has killed thousands of them. Your average soldier is just some kid that was handed a spear and sent off to war. If enemy morale is high enough one might occasionally work up the courage to take a shot at you, but that won’t stop you from ending his meaningless existence."

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Dart892834d ago

Good to see more fans of the series^^.

matgrowcott2834d ago

I love Dynasty Warriors and I have a hard time understanding people who not only avoid playing it (fair enough), but actively knock it.

That said, without the haters I would have missed out on one of my favourite comments I've ever read on the internet: "I hate Dynasty Warriors, all you do is press buttons."