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Infinity Ward Update on PS3 Call of Duty 4 Matchmaking

Infinity Ward has posted the following update on their official forums.

"Wanted to keep you informed with the information we're getting back from the server team. They have made some updates which they feel should resolve the connection problems. If you are still experiencing issues, please provide us with as much important network information as you can, for example:

Your ISP
What's your Router
NAT level

As much info as you can provide, so we make sure everyone is taken care of.

As always, please let us know if you are still experiencing problems so we can keep the server team on it for you.

A patch isn't required, this issue is unrelated to the game's code. It's a Networking issue with the servers being slammed by the amount of people playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

The only real issue is that the servers we're getting hit really hard, especially with the launch in Europe doubling that traffic, just something that requires optimizing on the server side and we've been working with the PSN COD4 Server team from the moment it started having issues assisting any way we can to help them get them up to speed faster.

Thanks for all the patience everyone, and this will not be a long term problem and as I said is merely server downtime issues."

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xplosneer4966d ago

The 2.0 and COD4 problem that is bricking systems?
First COD3 now COD4....too bad....

Not all are affected but check out the forums for reports.

fusionboxer4965d ago

For those of you using a linksys router, check out this very helpful guide to fixing your nat type.

Basically Nat type 1 = directly connected, Nat type 2 = Connected Correctly, and Nat type 3 = Incorrectly connected.

So check your settings to see what your nat type is, turn off your media server and follow the guide

PS. I have yet to have a single problem and have been enjoying cod4 with full voice chat ever since the day it was released.

tethered4965d ago

@ fusionboxer
Myself and two of my friends were having problems getting on the EA servers to play Tiger Woods 07. We couldn't play with all three of us for some reason but we could with only two of us. Could this be the reason?

xplosneer4965d ago

This has nothing to do with the NAT type. There have been a lot of reports on the PS forums where they enter the game and the PS3 will just shut off with no Standby light continually.

fusionboxer4964d ago


That may be a small reason as to why because it simply means you guys can't correctly connect to one another. Usually this is just the case when it comes to hosting and chat, but it's said that the PSN as a whole could be affected.


For some reason i have a hard time believing that. Then again if it IS true then I can honestly say it "might" not have anything to do with the Nat type. I have Nat type 2 and have had no problems even during the supposed peak hours.

I mean it doesn't hurt to try and fix your nat type if it is 3 does it?

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bym051d4966d ago

So, they either more servers or a bigger network pipe (or the server code is FUBAR).

crazy250004966d ago

im so damn pissed!!!!!

i just played it on my friends xbox, was working perfect, WTF IW!!!!!! i havent been able to play one game online!!!! ONE FREAKING GAME!!!!

SlappyMcTaint4965d ago

It's happening on 360 as well. Me thinks IW needs 10x more servers...

ErcsYou4965d ago (Edited 4965d ago )

if you havent been able to get on yesterday or today....its not infinity ward, its you. try unpluging both your router and modem for atleast 3 min the plug back in... this will reset your systems.... i have only had problems on the day of the server crash. none before, none after...or get a better internet connection

mesh14965d ago


sak5004965d ago


Whats your opinion about 360 version? Since you're a ps3 fanboy. How was it? Not talking about the online but single player.

Jon Cage4965d ago

I have logged in about maybe 28 hours on XBL since last monday. I haven't had any issues so far. The beta had a couple of issues. All I can say is that I'm in gaming nirvana. Good luck to you and I promise you it will be worth the wait and trouble. Good gaming for all.

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gamesblow4966d ago

I haven't been able to step online with the ps3 version either. I don't really care, though. Warhawk and Resistance are better anyways. I loved COD4, but I'm not crying over the online aspects at all. I will probably not be playing thru it again or even touching it. I'm probably going to give it away on my blogsite like I usually do to games I've beat that are 3rd party.

bym051d4966d ago

I've been on every day just fine until today. I was really looking forward to ranking up more.

nobizlikesnowbiz4965d ago

Wow I've never played WarHawk online, but CoD4 pwns R:FoM in so many ways.

EZCheez4965d ago

I love Warhawk. I was a beta tester and hyped that game to no end, but it doesn't come close to COD4 IN MY OPINION (please take notice of the uppercase letters).

It sucks not being able to get into a game but it only sucks more because the game is that much fun.

OFF TOPIC-I just finished the singleplayer (I was hooked on the online) and that has to be one of the coolest FPS stories I have ever played through.

aba4965d ago

Thats gotta be the dumbest f**king thing i've heard in a while. You've just lost any credibility you had. LMAO

ultraviolentz4965d ago

resistance has the worst physics and hitboxes... worse than counter strike

skagrerrrr4965d ago

well, i'm off to play Cod4 & RB6:Vegas

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vilmer4966d ago

Man, somebody needs to add mouse/kb support for the PS3 :)